Bake a Difference, Save 7 Lives – Organ Donor Drive.


One of the things I’m most proud to be involved in, is the BAKE A DIFFERENCE SAVE 7 LIVES, CUPCAKE DRIVE to be hosted at the Granger Bay Hotel School Restaurant on Monday 20 May. The initiative of the remarkable Gabrielle Le Roux, a Hospitality Management student there, who calls this wonderful project her ‘baby’. Thank you Gaby for including me!

Monday will have eight of Cape Town’s food infused lovelies – and I, each paired with a transplant recipient and given a Cupcake station from where we can decorate (and share!) our cupcakes with newly registered Organ Donors. We are to be joined by International Pastry Chef Eric Lanlard who will be giving us a live demo of his Red Velvet Cupcake recipe, to show his support for the cause! Can’t wait.

The purpose of the event is to create awareness for the Organ Donor Foundation and assist with their goal to reach 50 000 registrations by the end of 2013. I was amazed and saddened to learn that in the UK, about 65% of adults are on their registrar, whilst in South Africa it is just on 1%. We badly need to improve that stat.

Personally, I registered as an Organ Donor last year. Despite my great intention to live for as long as possible, I am very aware of my own mortality and do find comfort in the fact that I could potentially Save 7 Lives when my day comes. What a gift of life that would be, what a thing to leave for others. Actually I also donate blood and am on the Sunflower Fund registrar, in the hope that there too, I can have a small impact.

All involved gathered as a group at the Hotel School recently to meet our brave ‘Organ Donor Babies’ and their parents, and it real made this plight very real.

Fabulous friend and photographer Jon Meinking of I Shot Images took some photos on the day, which he shared on the Bake a Difference Cupcake Drive Facebook page. Here’s one of Gaby with a couple of the babies, aren’t they gorgeous!


My request is that you all consider being an Organ Donor and join us with our initiative to raise awareness for the Organ Donor Foundation! As Gaby says – It’s never too late to Save 7 Lives.

If you’d like to be there on Monday, here’s some info as to how it’ll work. You can also contact either Gabrielle or her right hand girl Desiree for more details.

Ukho and I are much looking forward to sharing our cupcakes with you.



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