Elephants In Bloom: Wildlife Photography You’ll Never Forget…

Without a doubt one of the greatest photographers of our time; each and every one of Steve Bloom’s portraits embody the vivacity of nature with such an intense, yet intimate manner as to almost leaves you breathless. With the inaugural World Elephant Day just a few days ago (on August 12th), if you ever needed a reminder of just how admirably amazing these brobdignagian beasts are and why it’s important now more than ever to support the calls for their increased protection, then this, most definitely, should be it. 

Elephants are silent. 

They tread softly, like burglars in the night;

they then assail our nostrils with their earthy, musty odour. 

Iron-willed and purposeful, elephants march

with the quietness and single-minded 

determination of an army of ants. 

They are true kings of the jungle. 

                                       – Steve Bloom

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