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Freelance writing, guest blogging and online interviews form a large part of my work. Here are some of my articles as seen elsewhere.

NOTE: This is rarely kept up to date with me travelling | writing | blogging | repeat – so I’m trying to tag them Freelance Writing and feature them in my blog instead. Trying x.

~  Travel Ground. Guys vs. Girls Weekends. – 25 August 2014.

‘Give me the ocean and a rambling beach house to fill with girl friends and I’ve got an endless supply of replenishing happiness. Lucky for me I share a lot of common interests with the women I hold closest. Which means that when planning a break away from it all, we focus on the simple things and often make Arniston the destination …’ As seen of Travel Ground and the South African Tourism blog.

~ FLUFF Magazine Interview. – August 2014.

‘With make-up by Cindy Horton and photography by Claire Thomson, I met creators Emil Lime and Alexandra Nagel for a discussion on travel, The Incidental Tourist, best experiences, lessons learnt, my desire to make a difference and where my heart is. The creative team inspired relaxed conversation and laughs as we shared about the things that mattered…’ As seen on FLUFF Magazine.

~ Grootbos. A Natural Wonderland. – 15 August 2014.

Ask me about my idea of wonderland and I will describe to you a place where mountains roll across sand dunes into the ocean. Hiking trails take you through ancient milkwood forests and 4×4 safaris bring you ever-rejuvenating fields of fynbos. Where the sea breeze cools the air as it blows over a bay bursting with frolicking whales, were there are coastal caves to explore and horses to ride …’ As seen on Africa Travel. More on Grootbos here.

~ News24 Live Interview with The incidental Tourist. – 8 August 2014.

Three interviews with News24 – ‘The Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti’, ‘You Won’t Ever Want to Leave this BeautifulAfrican Destination’ and ’Gorilla Trekking in Uganda.’ As seen on News 24 Live.

For the Love of Snakessss. – 7 August 2014.

‘I’m a snake loving girl, always have been, so when I came across an injured snake on the road when driving in an Eastern Cape Nature Reserve a couple of years ago, I didn’t hesitate. I got out of the car and using a long stick and outstretched arms, moved it to safety…’ As seen on Traveller24.

~ Travelstart. Madagascar. A Naturalist’s Promised Land in just 6 Days. – 7 July 2014.

‘If I say Madagascar – do you say Lemur? This seems to be the one thing that everybody knows about the rather large piece of land that broke away from the African continent to find its evolution exempt of influence; an island with a rich history that features waves of settlers, colonialists and regal Kings. With a diverse geography, giant baobabs, endless coastline, hills and challenging roads. Not to mention the unique assortment of animals…’ As seen on Travelstart. More on my time in Madagascar here.

~ OnRoute Magazine. Fulfilling a Dream. Overland Travel in Africa. – 24 June 2014.

‘I’m in Uganda on the last day of an overlanding expedition with Nomad Tours and Marilyn is the truck we’ve all grown attached to. Out of character for a girl who likes flying solo, I’ve joined a group of travellers to fulfill a long-standing African dream, gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest…’ an article in OnRoute Magazine about my travel with Nomad Tours. #NomadGorillas.

~ Is Cape Town an “African” city? With Future Cape Town. – 13 June 2014.

‘Dawn Jorgensen is a travel writer and photographer based in Cape Town. Her travel blog has acquired a huge following in Cape Town and around the world and she recently spearheaded the first Travel Massive meet up in Cape Town as part of a global initiative to connect people in the travel industry locally, bringing together travel brands, travel startups, travel bloggers and travel professionals. She sat down with Our Future Cities and shared her perspective on Cape Town as an “African” city and why she is proud to call it home …’ An interview with Future Cape Town.

~ Africa Travel. My Rovos Rail Adventure. – 9 June 2014.

‘An invitation arrives in my inbox, the name of the sender sounds familiar but my focus is elsewhere. Then the magic words in the subject line have details falling into place. Brenda Vos, daughter of Rohan and Anthea Vos, the incredible personality and legendary train adventurer that has brought us ‘the most luxurious train in the world’. I’m invited to experience Rovos Rail first hand. To take the journey from Cape Town to Pretoria …’ More on my Rovos Rail trip here.

Digital Nomads. Grazia Magazine. – 29 May 2014.

‘Share the adventures of our five favourite South African travel bloggers, from backpacking in Coffee Bay to walking with gorillas in Uganda …’ An interview in Grazia Magazine.

~ Interview. Blog of the Month. Mango Juice Magazine. – May 2014.

Social Cape Town. The Blogger’s Perspective. – 7 May 2014.

An interview with Steve Keenan of WTM on how Cape Town ‘gets’ social media and my involvement with the South African Tourism #MeetSouthAfrica campaign.

~ Travel Massive Cape Town. Chapter Leader interview. – 29 April 2014.

An interview with Travel Massive introducing me as a new member of the family and as Chapter Leader of  Travel Massive Cape Town prior to our first event on 30 April 2014, in their Leader of the Pack series.

~ The Incidental Tourist. onRoute Magazine. – 10 April 2014.

‘Dawn Jorgensen is a writer, beauty seeker, earth advocate and photographer. She is also one of the top 10 travel bloggers in South Africa…’ – My interview in onRoute Magazine.

Route 62. Rediscovering a road much travelled. – 25 March 2014.

‘Farm stalls, ostrich palaces, impressive museums and steepled churches; award winning distilleries, flocks of sheep and the occasional lonely donkey. Cliff overhangs and grey-green hills. Sun drying fruit, aloe and sisal hedges, big open skies, wispy clouds and the wide-open road…’ As seen on Where2Stay.

~ South Africa’s Top 5 Tourist Attractions. – 24 March 2014.

My article ‘South Africa’s top five tourist attractions’ in the March edition of Holmes mag. ‘And yes, they may be top of the list, but that’s with very good reason. Each one of the five is well worth time and exploration …’

~ 7 Local Travel Bloggers share their favourite hidden gems. – 17 March 2014.

‘As the sand falls away and the sun’s sharp-eyed beam reveals the glint of a buried jewel, there is something magical and unfamiliar to be discovered beyond every great tourist attraction. And it’s often these little known places and experiences that hold the most weight in our treasure chest of memories. We asked 7 of South Africa’s travel blogging greats to share their favourite hidden gems …’ as seen on

~ ‘Local Experts Reveal The Best of the Mother City.’ – 17 March 2014.

‘Travelstart asked some of Cape Town’s most respected travel writer’s what they would suggest to tourists visiting the Mother City. From the popular to the downright quirky, these were their responses …’

– Africa Travel. Gorilla Trekking in Uganda. – 13 March 2014.

‘Dian Fossey gave her life protecting these gentle animals and as I sit amongst them, observing the way they play, interact, eat and take power naps between the trees, I have a strong sense that I would do the same. I’m in Uganda’s Impenetrable Bwindi National Park, fulfilling a life long dream to see gorillas in the wild. For as long as I can remember this experience has headed up my wish list and now, here I am, overcome with emotion …’ as featured on Africa Travel.

~ A South African Brag Story. – 12 March 2014.

‘South Africans have a lot to boast about: in terms of landscapes and natural wonders it’s hard to find a country more diverse or rich …’ as seen on Nightjar Magazine.

~ Five of the Western Cape’s Secret Beaches. – 3 March 2014.

‘Visitors to the Western Cape are spoilt for choice when it comes beaches. But if you’re looking for something a little more special, these five secret beaches are a must …’ as featured on Getaway Magazine blog.

I’m very proud of my association with the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve where I consider myself a member of the family with regular visits and contributions to their blog. Feature stories to date:

~ Adventure Series – Horseback vs. Horsepower. – 11 April 2014.

~ Falling in want with Garden Lodge. – 7 April 2014.

~ An interview with Travel Buzz. – 18 October 2013.

‘You can work pretty much where you want to – on the road, do you find it hard to work or do you just have fun and work when you come back home…’  – An interview with Travel Buzz.

~ Bee Whisperer in the Making. – 6 November 2013.

My kind of wonderland, 4×4 flower safari –  8 August 2013.


De Kelders and its Coastal Cave Dwellers. – 16 August 2013.

Follow my Contributor page here – Grootbos, Dawn Jorgensen.

Why you Should Turn off the N1 and explore Matjiesfontein. – December 2013.

An article of mine in the December 2013 issue of Flat White Magazine.

Livingstone, more than Victoria Falls 3 October 2013.

Offering a reminder that Livingstone is so much more and offers a myriad of activities that extend beyond ‘the smoke that thunders’ as seen on Livingstone Tourism Board for Discover Africa.

My Top 5 Places for first time visitors to Cape Town. – 11 September 2013. 

‘The decision to visit Cape Town by an tourist or friend should be richly rewarded with a list of the must-sees on offer. In a city like ours, it isn’t easy to narrow these down to only a handful and when I was thinking the Top 5, my mind and heart burst with recommendations. These make my final list …’ As seen on Cape Town Tourism blog.

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