Green Point Stadium – A Behind the Scenes Look!

Yesterday with just 30 days to the FIFA World Cup, I visited the Green Point Stadium for a behind the scenes tour. The Visitors Centre is offering tours on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturday and can be contacted on 021 4307346.

Referred to as the DIVA of Cape Town, the Stadium is enwrapped by woven fibreglass and coated with Teflon. The design and construction of the Stadium’s roof resembles a bicycle wheel, open in the middle, with 72 cables linking the outer and inner rings of the circle. Another first for the roof was the use of 16mm thick panels of glass to cover and protect the spectators from strong winds and rain. This will let in the light, while the ceiling panels underneath will soften the noise from within.


Some Quick facts:


Stadium Height 50m, Stadium length 290m, Width 265m, Perimeter 745m, Pitch Area 12399 square metres, Roof area 38000 square metres, Inner roof membrane area is 31000 square metres, roof weight 4195 tons, 108916 cubic metres of concrete, 4.8 million bricks, 530 toilets, 68 VIP suites, Medical Centre, Police station with three holding cells, 12 lifts, 360 floodlights, 19 kiosks, 965 square metre restaurant – AND MUCH MoRe!!

Seats abound ….


They are very serious about staying off the grass!

The change rooms – each with own safe for valuables ;00.

Post game showers. There is a route for shoes to be dropped, feet to be washed and then the shower to be enjoyed ….

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