Henties Bay Seal Skin Shoes. Where are they sourcing the pelts?

After a difficult visit to the Cape Cross Seal Colony, I stopped in Henties Bay to seek out the shop that trades in seal-fur products. They seem to have little regard for the fact that the animals are brutally clubbed to death literally just down the road. Sadly, nor do their clients who don’t ask questions about where the pelts are sourced.

The irony is that the pelt of the Cape Fur Seal, unlike that of the Canadian seal, is not really suitable for fur coats. They are therefore often shaved and printed on to make them more attractive. Does this mean that the animals die a painful death for nothing? In my opinion, I certainly think so.

We live in an era where fur is not needed – especially when obtained in such a cruel, heartless and brutal way.

Henties Bay

Henties Bay

Henties Bay

Henties Bay

Henties Bay

This post forms part of a series after my visits to Namibia and Cape Cross Seal Colony to learn more and document the annual clubbing of over 80 00o baby seals.


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  1. Unlike the Canadian seal facing extinction the Cape fur seal is over populated and busy killing the eco system. A full grown seal eats 45 kg of fish/ day. In the early 1990’s and be advised thst the seal population was round about 6 million.

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