Iris Warriors. A film, ballet and myth that will become legend.



Iris Warriors. – Travel is not always about physically going somewhere, sometimes travel is about being transported to another place in your mind. It’s a spiritual and emotional form of movement that takes you to a different world, where you forget your troubles and can believe in the magic again.

It may be from reading a book, or watching a movie, even from hearing a good story being told. In this way, Iris Warriors takes you on a mystical journey. A story so fantastical it can’t be true, yet the characters with their virtues and vices speak to each of us and remind us about our personal battle to fight the shadows and embrace the light.

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Iris Warriors is many things – a film, a ballet, a brand, but above and beyond all, it’s a myth that will become legend. When Light woos Darkness, colour is born as Darkness gives birth to the dazzling Iris Warriors, the seven colours of the rainbow that brighten and illuminate our world. But when they leave her, she vows revenge, threatening to plunge the world back into everlasting night.

Can the Iris Warriors set aside their petty squabbles and unite, or will Darkness destroy them all? Which will win, their virtue or sin …


The story.

Iris Warriors starts its journey as a classic fable. A succinct fictional story, with prose and verse, that features animals, mythical creatures, plants, inanimate objects and forces of nature, which are anthropomorphised and lead to the primary moral lesson. Life is about balance, too much of one thing, one force or one substance always leads to destruction. The Iris Warrior fable is one that aims to be told over and over again without boundaries or borders set by class, culture and religion. Simple enough to tell as a campfire story; complex enough to appeal to a very wide audience. In time the myth should become legend.

There are two integral parts to Iris Warriors. First and foremost there is the ballet, the myth of the Iris Warriors, born from the union and conflict of Darkness and Light, bringing light and life to our world. But framing this, making it more accessible and opening the story up to a wider audience, is another fable, set in an almost mythical place – a small orphanage during World War II.

As the children huddle in the cellar, bombs crashing down above them, their teacher, Miss Shaw, tells them the story of the Iris Warriors. As they react to the unfolding tale – laughing, crying, hoping, fearing – their reactions draw in the audience, helping us to become involved in both stories, breathlessly awaiting the explosive finale.

There are two sets of characters, two stories. Individually, they have their merits. Together, they are stronger, more powerful, more engaging. Together they are the Iris Warriors who introduce us to three overriding themes – Hope, Unity and Balance.

Hope: There are many occasions when darkness and despair seem to overwhelm us. The Iris Warriors face this challenge when Darkness rises up against them and threatens to extinguish them from the world, plunging them into the inky void for all eternity. But as long as one Warrior remains, as long as one Warrior has hope, the others can eventually be saved, and Darkness can be defeated.

Unity: Like all of us, each of the Warriors has their strengths and their weaknesses, their virtues and their sins. Alone, they are frail, ephemeral, prone to distraction and defeat. It is only when they come together and unleash their combined power – the power of the rainbow – that they are able to defeat Darkness.

Balance: Too much of anything can be bad, whether it is the peaceful darkness of night or the dazzling beauty of light. When the Iris Warriors defeat Darkness they restore balance to their world. Their sacrifice leads to the birth of the sun, so now the days are filled with warm rays of sunshine, while Darkness still rules the cold reaches of the night.


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Iris Warriors is a Donroy Entertainment production and was filmed in Cape Town. Donroy is a small socially conscious company creating thought provoking, original content for all ages across a wide range of platform. Donroy was founded in 2015 when Writer, Donald Macnab-Stark and Director, Roydon Turner joined forces with Executive Producers Mark Calvert and Joanne Billington to create this unique and independent entertainment company and have stayed ever true to their mantra – Dream, Write and Create.


Above collection of photos taken on-set by Oscar Sánchez Velasco.

Filmed in Cape Town with Red Petal Productions and local cast and crew. What a pleasure to be working on this exciting and unique project with such an inspiring team.

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