Pimalai Resort & Spa. Their Valuable Clown Fish Project.



Thailand.“It is indeed a sad irony, that the success of a movie which tried to spread the message that clownfish should be left in peace, has actually stimulated demand for them as pets, to the point where the very survival of the species is now at risk.” 

So say Pimalai Resort & Spa about one of their anchor conservation projects, the breeding and returning to the Ocean of the endangered Clown Fish.

Working actively with the local authorities and Thai Fishery Department, they sponsor the breeding and release of clown fish under the guidance of Kasetsart University Marine Scientist Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawa.

The release has become an annual event with the ultimate aim of turning the stunning Koh Haa islands, due west of the resort, into a fish sanctuary for the enjoyment of all.

This event is entering its eighth year as significant progress is made in introducing them to these waters. The island of Lanta together with it’s surrounding islands offering a paradise for snorkelers and divers alike.

Read more about the Clown Fish Project and watch the video of their release.

We started our Nemo project not knowing how difficult it was to return something back to nature, whose existence we had always taken for granted.”


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Pics and information supplied by Pimalai.

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