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Noah’s Park And Wolf Sanctuary - Plettenberg Bay!

If you’re travelling with children, or are an animal lover and find yourself in the Plettenberg Bay area with a need to stretch legs, I recommend a visit to Noah’s Park & Wolf Sanctuary. They offer a diverse variety of wildlife and farmyard animals, in particular a collection of magnificent ‘rescue’ wolves. We were in luck when stopping there yesterday as there were cubs. Also African Wild Dog and Black Backed jackal.

We took a walk past the spacious and lush wolf enclosures before making our way to the farmyard animals where we fed the goats, donkeys, cows, chickens etc. The place is well kept, the animals seem happy and are in good condition, and I get the feeling that they could do with the support … I loved it! Don’t think I could ever outgrow a petting farm, don’t think I want to …. Noah’s Park and Wolf Sanctuary

Crazy Billy Goat with the longest horns I’ve ever seen, not to mention that tongue, eeeeuuu …. And this rooster followed me around and was happiest when feeding himself.

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