Safari in South Africa: Madikwe Game Reserve.

Jane Blackmore is a writer, editor and blogger. Based in the UK she likes to travel the globe whenever permitted, whilst introducing her three children to new, exotic places. Delighted to share this Guest Post by her. Follow Jane to keep in touch with her travel adventures.

‘Dawn’s writing focuses very much on the beauty of the world she travels within. But as she well knows, her home country offers some areas of extraordinary beauty which are well worth a visit.


Madikwe Game Reserve – One benefit of visiting Madikwe is that it is a Malaria free reserve. Based in remote South Africa, you will find Madikwe on the Botswana border near Gabarone.

History – The Madikwe Game Reserve began in 1991 when 8000 animals of 28 species were released into the beautiful wilderness. Full relocation was complete by 1997.  The relocation was called Operation Phoenix, and it remains the largest translocation of animals by humans to this day.

When you visit Madikwe, you can expect to see a land that looks established for eternity.  Bear in mind, when you explore the wilderness, that this scenery was created by the hard work of humans.  It is testimony to the impact humanity can have when re creating a natural habitat.

What you can see – The Madikwe Game Reserve is home to elephants, black and white rhinos and lions. For big game enthusiasts, Madikwe is a must visit.  As well as being able to spot the big five, Madikwe is known to be one of the best places to spot wild dogs in their natural habitat.

For bird watchers, Madikwe offers an opportunity to dust off the binoculars.  Over 350 species of birds swoop and sail over the beasts that walk the Earth, offering a visual delight.

When to go – Madikwe offers a year round safari option.  The rain mainly falls from October to March; however, because the reserve park is a single management unit, the animals do not disappear from sight.  The guides are excellent and can lead you on a lion hunt during any weather conditions.

What to take – always useful! Good travel InsuranceA camera, with lots of batteries and memory card. Passport (and visa if needed). Inoculations. Loose cotton clothing for Summer. Fleece and jacket for winter. Clothing in beige or khaki colouring – which increases the chance of blending in with surroundings.

If you are planning a trip to Dawn’s birth country, ensure you have excellent travel insurance which can be arranged once in South Africa. South Africa is a beautiful place but not innocent of crime. In addition, medical costs in South Africa are up to five times higher than those in other countries. You will also need extra insurance if you plan on any adrenalin based activities or a safari trip.



Having visited and stayed in the Madikwe Game Reserve myself, I can only endorse the idea of taking a safari in a reserve that reflects what happens when we give nature and its beautiful beasties a chance.

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