Spero Villioti Future Leaders Graduate Fashion Show 2012.

About a month ago I received an email inviting me to be a VIP guest at the Spero Villioti Future Fashion Leaders Graduation Fashion Show at the Vodaworld in Midrand on 27 November. Without heistation I accepted, as not only is the name Spero Villioti synonymous with style and fashion, but I adore Fashion Shows and beauty having worked the ramp very long ago.

The night couldn’t come soon enough, and on Tuesday last week I glammed up and headed over with my sister-in-law Rosemarie as my date. From the moment we arrived the whole atmosphere oozed style with beautiful people in bright colours and gorgeous shoes. Everywhere I looked I encountered elegance.

My VIP tickets awaited and after a much enjoyed glass of bubbly, Rosemarie and I were shown to our seats right next to the ramp, amid a collection of interesting local celebs and socialites such as Edith Venter and Leanne Manas. The room buzzed with excitement as the audience of about 800 anxiously waited for the student fashion event of the year to start.

Ashley Hayden was MC for the evening and she welcomed us before the lights were dimmed, the music started and the show kicked off with the 2nd years’ Durban July and Historical Undertones. Next the 12 rising design stars showcased their incredible work, one being more breathtaking than the next. The models taking on the personality of the garment and the music adding to the extravaganza. Here are some pics that I managed to take between the ooh’ing and ahh’ing that emanated from my lips and the bouts of very enthusiast clapping.

Not the easiest shoes to walk in, but dramatic indeed!

This is one of my favourite outfit from the Finale, I just love how the skirts comes to life with every step.

It was magical and I didn’t want the flow of Fashion to end. But like many fabulous things it had to. The show was followed by an address by the man himself, Spero Villioti. Spero spoke to us about his Elite Fashion Academy, the incredible talent of the students, his Academy and the fundraising that they do for The Couture Educational Foundation, which provides scholarships for underprivileged students. The much respected lecturers were invited onto the stage and the Graduation Ceremony for 1st, 2nd and 3rd years began. I was moved to tears by their enthusiasm and pride. This is a family of fashion.

What a privilege to have shared in this wonderful event that truly showcased South Africa’s incredible design talent. My wish is that each of these glorious inspired students goes on to grace the runways of London, Paris and Milan with their remarkable creations.

Thank you to Spero Villioti for inviting me to be there, Also to Minette Meyer for all of your assistance. I will be watching closely to see what next will come from your Elite Design Academy.

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