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Motorists, Look Where You Drive!

Whilst at the West Coast Conservation offices on the weekend, I was saddened by the news that yet another glorious snake had succumbed to a car whilst trying to cross the road near Saldanah. It was a beautiful Mole Snake, about 1.5 metres in length, and most undeserving of such a violent end.

The snake was brought to Tanya Du Toit Heald in order for her to note GPS co-ordinates, inspect it for general condition and take DNA samples for Conservation records. Tanya heads up HOW Wildlife Rescue which was established to assist wildlife on the West Coast. HOW not only do rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife but also focus on education, research and human wildlife conflict issues.

The world needs more people like Tanya. I hold hope that the more we educate and become aware, the less likely we are to see the pointless death of snakes, tortoises and game on our roads and elsewhere. Yes to Conservation and Consideration!