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Niewoudtville’s Sandstone Church!

The corner stone of this beautiful Neo Gothic style Dutch Reformed Church, which is one of the few remaining sandstone churches in South Africa, was laid in 1906 and the Church was finally opened in 1907.

Each year the Nagmaal (communion) was held in October, this was also when weddings and baptisms took place. Farmers at the time, from the outlying Nieuwoudtville area often camped on church grounds having travelled from afar to make such special occasions.

The Skuldmonument outside to the right of the church has a story to tell: "£8,000 of the £11,300 the congregation had saved to pay the builder, disappeared!"  The names engraved on the monument are those of the people who had to work and save yet again to raise the ‘missing’ money.

There was a rumour that the treasurer of the church disappeared with the money in 1909.  It is said that he was buried in Nieuwoudtville, but someone spotted him in the then South West Africa and in his coffin they found a dead pig! 

The Quiver Tree Forest Outside Niewoudtville!

About 20 km outside Niewoudtville on the Loeriesfontein road is the most incredible place, a Quiver Tree Forest, or Kokerboom if you prefer. Eerie, almost sacred - why do they naturally occur specifically here? There are thousands of them from enormous olds to baby shoots scattered on the side of the hill. Walking among them I loved the textures, colours and significance. Note to self - return when they are in bloom!