The best South African malaria-free Safari destinations.



South African Safari. – Cheapflights asked me about South African malaria free safari destinations.

‘Legend has it the Fever Tree got its name due to growing where malaria is most prevalent. Early day settlers traversing the land often camped under their generous canopy of shade next to rivers and streams, unaware that when they fell ill, it was not the tree but the mosquito that was to blame.

Moving forward to an era with a greater understanding of malaria, the trees now thrive in protected forests and prophylactics and insect repellents offer protection against the disease. That said, some visitors to South Africa may opt to avoid malaria areas altogether – a consideration among pregnant women and families with young children, especially.

If you’re one of them, South Africa offers these wonderful malaria-free safari destinations that hold no compromise (remember, the Cheapflights website can help to you get there).’

Read the whole article here and discover more about White Elephant Safari Lodge & Bush Camp, MhondoroGondwana Game Reserve, Samara Private Game Reserve and Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat.

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