The Cape Town Diamond Museum. Cape Town Luxury.

Being invited to enjoy an afternoon of Cape Town luxury in the company of fine bloggers and journalists and as a guest of Shimansky Jewellers and the Cape Town Diamond Museumis an opportunity I was most grateful to be given.

We gathered at the City Sightseeing terminal next to the 2 Oceans Aquarium over a packed lunch from Jason Bakery. My favorite! And I couldn’t resist a veggie sandwich. Tummy full and with an air of excitement and anticipation about, the group was ushered onto the red bus for a short tour of the city.


Its true that every time I arrive in a new city, I hop on their topless bus for an orientation and introduction to the sights. Yet I still hadn’t been on ours. Such a treat to see the city we know and love this way, hearing stories about its origin, having landmarks pointed out, learning new things through fresh ears. The atmosphere was one of relaxed holiday. Below St George’s Cathedral, passed along the way.


Stopping in Buitenkant Street, I didn’t want to get off the bus, until I realised it was destination TRUTH Coffee with David Donde offering us a detailed tour of tasting. I love this place and the industrial design of their HQ Buitenkant Store.


Above David Donde teaching us about the coffee bean, various countries of origin and Truth’s chosen roasting method. We then sat down to a blind tasting of three coffees and a vote by bean of our personal favorites. Learning the process of breathing in the aroma and froth, before taking a sip from the silver spoon to savour the complexities that bounce around the palate, was an education.


Tough to choose, but I opted for the middle cup which turned out to be Guatemalan. My second favourite choice for home after Ethiopian actually, so I was pleased with myself for sniffing that out.

From there the luxury of spoiling continued as we headed to the Cape Quarter for a visit to the Lindt Chocolate Studio for an introduction and tasting with Lindt chefDimo Simatos.


The studio has a mouthwatering selection that made me want to line my pockets with Lindt ‘balls’ before doing a runner with the giant Lindt bunny. But I didn’t. I stayed to absorb the tales of carefully sourced cocoa-beans, methods of production and the extraordinary things that make Lindt chocolate so extraordinary. Also to taste a generous variety, the white chocolate being my favourite. After a quick pre-Easter stock-up, we moved on to the next stage of our Cape Town Luxury afternoon.


Attempted Choc-Grab by Andrew Brauteseth aka Guy with Camera 🙂


A short hop to the V&A Waterfront and the Cape Town Diamond Museum, which is conveniently located at the Clock Tower precinct. The guided tour commenced – glass of pink Pongracz in hand. Of course!


Diamonds play such an integral role in the history of South Africa and I was delighted to be visiting a Cape Town based Museum that pays homage to our extraordinary story.

First discovered in 1867 by a 15 year old boy on a farm near the Orange River, South Africa was soon and still is, one of the world’s greatest producers of diamonds.

There’s associated romance and many harsh realities to be learned and the Museums’ visual timeline brings this to life. As do the replica’s of the Cullinan, Eureka, Millennium and other Famous Diamonds. We were told how diamonds are formed deep inside the earth’s crust by intense heat and pressure, how once found the rough diamonds must be cut, polished and transformed into creations of exquisite beauty to be set timeless jewellery. Which often serve as gifts to mark special occasions. There’s magic in the way that they Sparkle.

Our visited culminated with a visit to the adjoining Shimansky showroom over more bubbly and a generous spread of delicious caviar and sushi from Sevruga’s. Although I must admit that most of the drooling was over the Diamonds. Mr Shimansky talked us through the cutting process, their My Girl Design and philosophy regarding ethically sourced Diamonds, something that is becoming more and more important to the buyer.


Yes – that is the 4000 carat tanzanite that I got to hold.


Some of the jewellery I dream about owning one day.


Diamonds sparkle and delight with their 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat, as had our Cape Town Luxury afternoon as we explored the city 4C’s –  Coffee, Chocolate, Caviar & sushi and the most wonderful Cape Town Diamond Museum. Thank you for the opportunity to share in the Luxury.

Additional Notes – The Cape Town Diamond Museum is open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm and is truly a must include in a visit to the Cape. Diamonds are well worth knowing more about, as is their history and South Africa’s unique Diamond story. It adds to the appreciation. The convenient location makes it easy to combine the Museum with a visit to Robben Island and the V&A Waterfront. I recommend a guided tour, although you can wonder around on your own too. Don’t forget to get your fun early pioneer dress up pic.

Indeed it may be true, that Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.

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