The Magic Of Majeka House, Stellenbosch!

Last week I took up the kind invitation from Lloyd and Karine van der Merwe, owners of Majeka House in Stellenbosch, to overnight at their special establishment to experience it first hand. I had been told by their HYPE marketer Graeme Forbes that Majeka House was a special place, and from the minute I arrived I could feel it has soul.

To maximise on my stay, I booked a treatment in their Sanctuary Spa (they use MOYO products – yay!), as well as dinner in the MAKARON RESTAURANT. I was determined to do this properly.

Majeka House offers 20 rooms, Superior, Premier and an additional three in their Villa. All magnificent. They are set in beautiful gardens with lush green lawns that offer comfy loungers and areas to retreat to. I counted four swimming pools, some for use by a select group of rooms, with the main pool so happy-making, I struggled to tear myself away after a long swim. I for the life of me cannot understand why I cant have a 15m swimming pool under glass with an open sky roof at home? And heated! Seems unfair …

Dinner in the Makaron restaurant was a true treat. The head chef Anri Diener has been at Majeka House since 2009, and produces palette spoiling flavours. This month they are hosting a Michelin Gourmet Week from 8 to 15th, and I recommend that you book.

For those of you that don’t know, my background is in tourism, and I have spent the last 11+ years organising the best suited accommodation for International clients to Southern Africa. I can’t wait for the next request for Winelands accommodation, and an opportunity to send my lovelies to the beautiful Majeka House. Where from arrival to departure it is home, with all the spoils and amenities ones heart can dream up, not to mention incredible warmth and care by the staff.

The rooms are spacious and very comfortable with a divider that slides back to open up the bath and bedrooms, loads of cupboard space, flat screen tvs and the all important wi-fi. Best of all though, there is a coffee, tea, mini-bar/snack section to warm the heart, even jelly beans. Why don’t all establishments have jelly beans?

There is a sauna and jacuzzi to be enjoyed, as well as The Sanctuary Spa for a variety of treatment options by stunningly beautiful girls with incredibly powerful hands. See more at – Lovely to note that the Spa and bathrooms stock MOYO products, as Majeka House endorses it’s love of all things South African.

It’s nearly my Birthday, and I have placed a return to Majeka House at the top of my wish list. See and note that this is a very affordable treat, and that their packages are not to be missed.

Thank you Lloyd, Karine, young Luca and all staff for your hopsitality, and the time spent chatting under the trees. An true pleasure to have spent a night at your beloved Majeka House.

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