The Ultimate African Safari Planning Guide. By Stride.


Safari – This is one of the most comprehensive guides to Safari Planning I’ve seen. Thank you Stride Travel, also for including The Incidental Tourist as one of your Top Safari Bloggers. Read on to learn more, the full post is available here.

‘The soft African breeze picks up dirt on the savannah and the hazy late afternoon sun filters through. Through the sun dappled air, a giraffe lazily saunters into view, her distinctive tan markings matching the color tone of the ground. As the dust settles you see an elephant silhouetted in the distance.

It’s moments like these that make an African safari absolutely unforgettable. It’s the trip of a lifetime and there are few experiences that leave one so awe inspired.

If you’re planning an African Safari, you know you’ll be in for something special. Here’s our ultimate planning guide to help make your trip as incredible as possible.’

Included: Top African Safari Destinations | Planning Your African Safari | Safari Lodges | Safari Packing List | Health and Safety | Unique African Safari Experiences | Top Safari Bloggers.

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