The World of Heroes sponsors The Incidental Tourist with a GoPro Hero3+ #TravelHero


Being invited to the launch experience of the GoPro Hero 3+ by Positive Dialogue and Omnico, was gift enough. A day that ignited the adrenaline junkie in me with ten activities that we needed completion in order to enter the draw to win one of these coveted cameras. Amongst them archery, mountain biking, land yachting, racing cars, more. Entertained from start to finish, it really was an incredible day shared with many of the World of Heroes legends.

Among the excitement, I managed a lovely conversation with the host of the day, who offered The Incidental Tourist a Hero 3+ to trial for a few months. With my free diving course, shark diving and gorilla trekking in mind, it seemed a perfect match.

In no time at all I was completely equipped to be a World of Heroes #TravelHero with not only this incredibly powerful Hero 3+, but waterproof casings, extra batteries, head and body mounts, viewing screen, more. I’m learning how to maximise on its powerful abilities, working with their incredibly good editing software and ever learning.


Yes – you do NEED one! You really really do.

I’ve had mine with me constantly since it arrived. There are a few videos that I will share, with many more from my upcoming trip to Rwanda and Uganda to follow. Such excitement!

Actually, don’t tell my loyal Canon DSLR, but between my iPhone and GoPro. I’m able to travel much lighter these days without compromising on quality. Thank you Omnico and World of Heroes for making me feel like just that, a Travel Hero.


Some stats to help you know you have to join the ranks of GoPro Cool:

The brand, known for its top of the range high definition personal cameras has launched their most advanced GoPro yet – the new action camera ‘Hero3+’ – an even smaller and lighter camera that offers unrivalled image quality. If you are a sports star, adrenaline junkie, outdoor fanatic or interested in arts & culture – the GoPro Hero3+ makes capturing and sharing your life’s most meaningful experiences easier than ever. The Hero3+ offers powerful new features geared for versatility and convenience, including a high-speed image processor, enhanced low-light performance, improved image sharpness, Wi-Fi capability (for enhanced connectivity to the Wi-Fi remote, software updates and GoPro App), longer battery life, and upgraded audio performance. Key benefits of the Hero3+ include a more wearable design that allows you to capture immersive footage of yourself in action, plus professional-quality HD video. The Hero3+ is compatible with all GoPro mounts for attaching it to your body, gear, vehicle and more.

There you go – go forth and capture the magic and be a Hero! Follow WOHZA on Facebook and Twitter for some inspiration.


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