Yikes – There’s a lion in the Camp!

We visit the Mabuasehube area of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park  as often as we can, overlanding is a unique and special experience, and there is a wonderful sense of achievement as you set up camp in these remote areas, having often driven for two or more days to arrive there.

On one of our trips we were surprised to find a lion in the camp. Yes, literally in the camp! It was December, really hot, the area was suffering from a drought, and after setting up camp we took turns washing up with the borehole water provided. A big Kalahari lion must have smelt the water from miles away, and came straight over for a drink and to lie in it.

What a treat!!!

It was very important to bear in mind that lions are wild scary dangerous animals, and we kept our distance, made sure the car doors were unlocked in case we needed refuge, and never turned out backs for a moment.

Like this we lived for four days, taking turns (with the lion) to use the ablutions, listening to him roar outside the tent by night, and keeping an eye on him as we played boulle and cards and read and game watched by day. Not for the faint hearted – certain sure for me ……

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