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Exploring the world is a popular hobby, and 71% of Americans have travelled abroad at least once in their lives. However, exploring the United States can often be more interesting for adventure-loving people than travelling to exotic locales around the globe.

America is the fourth-largest in the world area-wise and contains lots of historical landscapes for you to witness. From our West Coast to the Eastern Seabord, there are several hotspots for local tourists. Let’s mention some of these destinations here for your know-how.

Exploring America

How often do Americans travel nowadays? Surveys have shown that Americans take one or two holidays annually. Planning foreign vacations can be expensive for some citizens. So, they should prefer a cost-effective method to enjoy their holidays, i.e., travelling domestically. As the pandemic recedes slowly, people are contemplating some of the most exotic places to visit in the United States. We have discussed some of the most awesome locations visitors shouldn’t miss this year. It’s your chance to witness the beauty of our beautiful nation and observe the country’s wonderful landmarks. This article’s here to help you choose your next vacation destination.

1. Gatlinburg

Visiting the Great Smokys mustn’t be excluded from your list of must-visit places in the United States. Wandering these Appalachian landscapes can serve as a relaxing vacation for your tired mind right now. You can also find several decent places to stay in Gatlinburg TN and rent well-furnished and comfortable lodges. Visit Gatlinburg’s amazing landmarks, such as the town’s different theme parks, aquariums, and museums. This place serves as an ideal vacation spot for your whole family.



2. Big Sur

Instagram enthusiasts shouldn’t ignore this picturesque destination where even tourists gather now to take selfies of a lifetime. This mountainous coastline is often appreciated for its scenic beauty. So, its beaches and forests welcome adventurers from all over the country. This coastline was the heart of the famous Big Sur Folk Festival, which was discontinued in 1971. Visit Sand Dollar Beach and hike across Andrew Moleta State Park.

3. Lake Tahoe

This freshwater lake deserves your attention since many tourists arrive here for boating, swimming, and kayaking. Lying on the Nevada-California border, this scenic setting has become a mecca for any holiday-bound traveller looking for a spot to relax. Experts suggest vacationers travel to this lake in the fall and enjoy its various attractions. Swim in the cold water and then return to that cosy resort you’re renting. Being North America’s largest alpine lake, Tahoe’s a must-see for Americans.

4. Telluride

This Colorado town equals Aspen when it comes to skiing options available in this gold city. Founded in the 1870s, this town has several startling tourist attractions besides skiing, including the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. Also, travellers visit this city for hiking, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting. Enjoy hiking routes such as Ajax Peak and Bridal Veil Falls. If you are interested in endurance events, there are several to please you. So, Telluride should be a priority on your bucket list.

5. Yosemite

Instead of mentioning Grand Canyon, we decided to go with its alternative. Travellers shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit the famous Yosemite Valley, where several natural attractions grab adventurers’ attention. Its cliffs, waterfalls, and other landscapes motivate journeyers to take photographs. Also, hiking and camping enthusiasts can enjoy spending a few days in the bosom of Yosemite National Park. Just check COVID-related restrictions before planning your adventure.

6. San Francisco

A survey shows 61% of Americans have never visited the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, it seems like the perfect time for more travellers to marvel at the beauty of this historic bridge while going across the city of San Francisco. Other tourist attractions include Alcatraz, Mission Murals, and Fisherman’s Wharf. Don’t miss a chance to pay homage to one of the most beautiful cities in the United States and its diversity in cuisine. You can drink Japanese tea while eating Italian food on the charming West Coast.

7. Miami

Talking about US cities and their fabulous beaches, how can we forget to mention Miami? This city in the state of Florida is the perfect place for those who don’t just crave amazing beaches, but great atmospheres too. Visit Little Havana, hang around the Art Deco District, and make some room in your itinerary for marvelling at Everglades National Park. This museum houses turtles and alligators for viewing as well as a variety of exotic birds. Remember to pay Miami a visit when you’re looking for a getaway.

8. Monument Valley

This landmark lies on the Utah-Arizona border. Monument Valley serves as a popular filming location for some Hollywood directors. This Navajo Valley was how American filmmakers imagined the West to be a century ago. Visiting this valley at night can be a memorable experience you will never forget in this lifetime. So, gather some supplies for travelling to Monument Valley anytime this year.

9. Waikiki

Hawaii isn’t just a trendy tourist location for Americans but an international destination for holiday-loving partygoers. If you’re visiting Honolulu, don’t forget to walk on the beach of Waikiki. Known as the first capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Waikiki today serves as one of the most popular seashores on the island. Rent a surfboard and let the waves guide your journey on the surface of the all-mighty Pacific Ocean. You can return to the resort for a tasty dinner when done with the beach.

10. Utah

The state of Utah isn’t just famous for being the centre of the Mormon religion but also for its national parks. So, visiting southern Utah can allow you to marvel at arches and canyons, the likes of which aren’t found anywhere in the region. Utah’s hiking trails are also famous among travellers, along with its waterfalls and the much-visited Zion National Park. Interestingly, mountain bikers gather here to engage in this pastime. There are many national parks in the Beehive State for adventurers coming for some fun.


A 2019 survey shows that 11% of Americans haven’t travelled beyond their birth states. Guess the time’s come for people to start exploring this amazing country and visit some of the most amazing locations. We’ve mentioned tourists’ favourite destinations ranging from beaches such as Miami to mountains such as the Great Smokys. You can relax in quaint towns such as Gatlinburg or wander the streets of a never-sleeping city such as San Fransisco. Don’t forget about Hawaii and its awe-inspiring beaches. All these places in the United States can serve as the perfect getaway for your next adventure.

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