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I am thrilled to be included on this list of African Female Travel Bloggers to follow See Africa Now – thank you! As below, written by Theresa and first featured here.

Travelling is therapeutic in nature but it can be daunting without a clear mind of where you want to visit in a new country. As it is, Africa is a top destination and African female travel bloggers play a vital role in changing the continent’s travel landscape.

They ventured into a field that was once male-dominated and conquered it beautifully. While it is a huge leap for a woman to take on travelling entrepreneurship, they bring a paradigm shift in the industry. It’s something to celebrate on International Women’s Day 2023 and beyond.  In this vein, we dive into the world of the following women blogging about African travel.

Dawn Jorgensen, South Africa

Dawn Jorgensen is a seasoned South African travel guru. As one of the celebrated African female travel bloggers, she founded the African Bloggers Network in 2010. Moreover, she is an avid writer and voices her travel experiences across African, Asian and European cities on her podcast.

Dawn Jorgensen

Dineo Zonke Maduna, South Africa

Dineo Zonke Maduna quit her quantity surveying job in 2018 and ventured into the little-known backpacking escapades at the time. The South African-born wanderlust has travelled to a dozen countries and documents all her travel experiences for her readers. In one year – between 2018 and 2019 – she toured 30 countries on five continents. The award-winning Mzansi travel blogger opened a travel company after the Covid-19 pandemic. It allows international and domestic travellers to plan their trips across Africa hassle-free.

Katchie Nzama, South Africa

Katchie is an advocate for locally focused tourism. She has demonstrated that it is possible by visiting 34 African nations utilising every mode of transportation available. Nzama is famous for her wit about South African breweries which beer enthusiasts love. Based on her travel experiences, she has a library of information about different African cultures. Being among the leading African female travel bloggers, she curates her travel experiences at The Lone Wandera.

Winnie Rioba, Kenya

Winnie Rioba is a decorated Kenyan travel enthusiast. Many of her followers love her for her meticulous downtime travel plans for corporates without too much time on their hands. In addition to her gorgeous travel photos across Kenya and the rest of East Africa, her travel budgets are reasonably priced. She plans travels through #TheJustRiobaWay and offers her thronging online following free resources in the form of travel guides. Notwithstanding the fantastic travel experiences she has captured in her blogs and photos, Rioba is not afraid to broach challenging subjects like the difficulties that come with travelling with an African passport or concerns about safety when travelling alone.

Nour Brahimi, Algeria

Nour Brahimi embodies resolute African female travel bloggers. Coming from a conservative North African country, she broke the chains of cultural dictates in 2017 and rose to become Algeria’s best travel blogger. With just the willpower to showcase Algeria’s beauty to the world, she elbowed out deep-pocketed travel vloggers with her wide travel that shaped her perspective on travelling. She is a European Union Goodwill Ambassador in Algeria. Africa Youth Awards in 2019 named her among the 100 Most Influential Young Africans. Brahimi reaches her audience in Arabic and English across her socials and her blog, Jawaler Travel. Growing up in a Muslim country, Brahimi understands how conservative the Islam culture is especially on women. However, her content angles towards urging fellow Muslim women in North Africa to travel and learn.

Neema Jodie, Tanzania

Neema Jodie uses her photography skills to illuminate Tanzania’s beauty and the rest of East Africa. She captures amazing sceneries, moments, people and culture and her visual storytelling skill is plausible. You can get all her photography work on her blog, The Bongolese.

Jessica Ufuoma, Nigeria

Jessica Ufuoma travel blogger

Jessica Ufuoma is a special case of African female travel bloggers. The Nigerian based in Toronto, Canada doubles up as an analyst famous for her passion for travelling. Utuoma enjoys the best of Africa and Europe which informs her thoughts and travel itineraries. She has a travel company Go Jolley which not only highlights her travel escapades but helps other travellers plan theirs too.

African female travel bloggers are undoubtedly shaping the travel landscape in Africa. The world loves extraordinary women and blogging about travel is just amazingly beautiful.

** Thank you so much for the inclusion amongst such extraordinary women.

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