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Type of Traveller

One of life’s greatest privileges is getting to travel and explore new places, and for avid travellers the list of dream destinations can be somewhat endless. For others who may just be getting interested in the idea of travelling, figuring out where best to go can be rather difficult. Or you may find yourself somewhere between these two extremes. Here’s a list of different kinds of travellers to see where you fall and help you with a better idea of what your kind of holiday should look like, and where you should be travelling to.

The Chill One

You don’t mind the stress of planning a trip and getting there so much, because you know the first thing you’re going to do once you arrive at your destination is relax. You dream about going to the spa, reclining on the beach or ordering room service, just for fun. Travellers who chill out often don’t have big schedules planned in advance for their trip. You might be travelling simply for relaxation with the intent of doing nothing but taking a deep breath and leaving your worries at home.

Type of Traveller

The Collector

When you go to new places, you never leave without a keepsake. Whether it’s a bag of shells, carefully selected rock or mementos from gift stores, you like to have a physical reminder of where you’ve been. If looking online ahead of time for ideas of unique things you should collect on vacation, you might prefer places such as the mountains or historical sites for future trips, rather than resorts or amusements parks.

Type of Traveller

The Sailor

Nothing gets you more excited than the idea of boarding a boat and vacationing out at sea, which is why you fit in the Sailor traveller personality. A great goal to have besides wanting to own your own boat is planning to go on a cruise someday. You’ll be able to meet other kinds of cruise visitors that will inspire you to get to know the different aspects of the boat loving side of your personality.

The Introspective

When you look for places to travel to, you look for experiences that will help you grow as a person. You want your holiday to teach you something and make you feel like you can go back home and introduce something new to your life. Your best trips will be any getaway that includes courses and workshop to help you learn things such as meditation, cooking or clean living.

Type of Traveller

The Occasional

For your holidays, you plan a year or two ahead of time. You go all out and spend lots of money that you’ve saved up just for the trip, because you know you won’t go on another trip any time soon. When you start spending that holiday money, you should go all out. Splurge on some of the best hotels in the world and live it up while you’re away from home.

Type of Traveller

The Thrill-Seeker

If you go on a trip and don’t get at least one adrenalin rush, you feel like you’ve wasted your time. You’re constantly seeking out new ways to get that high that comes from surprises and excitement, so expect the same thing from your travels. Hit up the longest rollercoasters, climb the tallest mountains and eat the craziest foods. There’s no end to options for holidays that will thrill and amaze.

Type of Traveller

The Backpacker

You like to be surrounded by nature or better still, to get lost in it, because you’re confident in your hiking skills and like to unplug from the world. Use your holiday time to integrate your love of nature and travelling with backpacking. One of the beauties of backpacking is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, so you can see lots of new places over a longer period of time.

Type of Traveller

Holidays are a great way to spend time in the ways you like best, but to do that you have to know what kind of traveller you are. Think about your personality and how that affects what you look forward to from a trip, and then go out and find what will match that the best. Whether it’s going on a cruise or backpacking across Europe, knowing which kind of traveller you are will help you create fun holidays that’ll leave you with lasting memories.

Get ready for your staycation. Travel local to your home because of all the benefits it brings. Support your economy and the environment. Make friends in a town close to your home. Local travel can be fun, so pick your next destination near you, and go!

What kind of traveller are you?

Type of Traveller

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