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Cape Town. – Because there’s so much more to a cappuccino than meet the eyes, or tastebuds.
Together with a couple of local bloggers, I was treated to a lesson in the ’Art of Coffee and Coffeemaking’ by the dynamic Jake Easton. Artist. Scientist. Coffee Roaster. Friend of 12 years plus and co-owner of Tribe Coffee Roasting at the Woodstock Junction.
What I learnt on the night is that coffee, like wine, writing, photography and painting, is an art.  It’s also a matter of personal preference.
The freshly roasted beans vary much in aroma from those freshly ground. They are volatile and interesting, taking on characteristics from their countries’ of origin. My preference predictably lay with those from Africa. After all coffee originated in Ethiopia.

Creating the perfect espresso is also much harder than it looks. There’s a magic formula founded by the Italian’s that dictates a ‘60ml in 25 seconds’ rule, which brings you just what you want. Achieving that took practice while I floundered over the portable filter, double and single basket, knee bending tampering and desired consistency.
Then there was the milk which needed frothing and heating to perfection. I wasn’t very good at this – ‘more jet plane than tearing paper’ I’m told. What’s to be expected from a girl like me, I replied …

What a fun evening that equipped me with more knowledge than I couldn have hoped for. 
From now on my coffee orders will be based on insight and understanding, not to mention a new found expectation and mountain of appreciation.
To quote the man himself – ’Coffee Saves Lives. Have a Double Shot’.

These are the previous times I’ve spoken about my obvious love for Tribe Coffee Roasting.

Pop by and place an order. Time the pouring process of the espresso machine and listen for the sound of paper tearing as your cappuccino milk gets warmed. Should you wish to do a coffee course yourself, contact Jake at e-mail and make sure you stay in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter.

More pics on my Facebook page.




Tools of the trade.


Big ol’ Bertha the roasting queen.


The end result.

Jake pateintly instructing … And on hands practicing.


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