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Jackie of HT Holidays contacted me and we got to speak about my love for travel, what I pack and where I’ve loved to travel. What a privilege to share with you. Thank you for the opportunity, interview as below:

What’s our first impression of The Incidental Tourist? It’s friendly.

Dawn, the founder of The Incidental Tourist, has shared abundant of interesting travel stories and amazing photographs that inspire many travelers and encourage those who desire to create their own adventures. While visiting her site, you can feel her passion for not only traveling beautiful places but also experiencing the local culture, people and art. It’s fortunate for Dare to Adventure community to find her and have a great useful interview with her. We would love to share what we’ve learnt from Dawn with every travel lover in our community.

1. What inspired you to be a travel blogger?

I have a background in travel and when I sold my tour operating company in 2010 decided to start a blog to share the travel experience I’d had and those that were still to come. I love to write and take photographs, as well as share anecdotes and highlights of my travels, it was the natural thing to do.

2. What is the best part of being a travel writer?

That I get to relive my experiences when I write them up. And that even if I’m travelling on my own, I take all of my friends, readers, followers with me on Social media and on my blog. It feels good to be part of a travel community.

Dawn Jorgensen, Rovos Rail, a room with a view at sunset

On Rovos Rail somewhere in the Karoo.

3. What is the most challenging part about being a traveler?

As a South African there are numerous Visa implications that many other nationalities don’t have. That, budget and time. Otherwise there’s nowhere I wouldn’t go or see. Travel is in my opinion the greatest gift we can give ourselves, the memories and reminder of how much there is out there to learn and explore. It’s humbling and grounding and I appreciate every experience that I have. The greatest challenge is that everywhere I go I want to go back to … Which is sadly not possible.

Dawn Jorgensen, Madagascar dreaming

In Madagascar with a Lemur.

4. What’s your favorite travel destination so far and why?

I am just back from Switzerland and I absolutely loved its pristine beauty, alpine landscapes and diverse cultures. Completely difference atmosphere food and style in the Italian, French and German regions. Not to mention the incredible efficiency. As a child of Africa I take great pride in all that we have to offer, yet cannot deny how easily I am seduced by the history, architecture and calm of Europe.

5. What are your top things that you always take traveling?

My phone, camera, Mac, super charger and a collection of mutli-purpose scarves. You can’t go wrong with them, wherever you are.

Dawn Jorgensen, Tree Planting with Greenpop in Zambia

Planting trees in Zambia with Greenpop.

And in return, a little about Jackie:

Jackie joined HT Holidays in 2014 moving over from Hong Kong. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese she has a long-standing interest in Japan (having spent a year here while at university) and also in hospitality. She’s a skier, helped by the fact that her dad runs an indoor ski centre in Hong Kong. Thank you and lovely to connect x.

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