Advocating for a Better World as The Incidental Tourist. My interview with Earth Chats.

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‘I have become acutely aware of the responsibility that I have to do the right thing by my readers and the companies that I work with. In my writing, I, therefore, strive to create a mix of content that will please those simply wanting to scroll through photographs and be inspired to travel, to a reader seeking detailed advice on the destinations that I have visited.’

EARTH CHATS welcomed me onto their show to talk about my journey to travel writing and the formation of The Incidental Tourist as well as my passion for conservation and environmental issues that are so integral in my personal and professional life. And how we should all be treading more gently on the earth while being kinder to ourselves.

Take a listen if you’d like to hear what I had to say, and let me know what you think. I’d value the feedback.

EARTH CHATS – An Interview

About Dawn Jorgensen, The Incidental Tourist

Dawn is the Incidental Tourist, conscious traveller and blogger with a deep love for the environment. She created the blog in 2010 after running her travel business for many years. To date, she has visited 44 countries and has a knack of discovering new adventures and experiences. Dawn shares many stories from her international and local travels on her award-winning blog, The Incidental Tourist, and is featured in numerous online and print publications.

‘Conscious travel brings me closer to the things that matter, the people and how they’d like their stories told without compromise to the beautiful places that I find myself in.’

From gorilla trekking in Uganda, tree planting in Zambia, turtle rescue in Kenya, crampon hiking in Patagonia and setting up a temporary home in Lisbon, my focus remains on sustainable tourism, as well as highlighting ways that we can enjoy this beautiful world without detriment. Dawn’s travel stories include a sustainable-living and environmental message. She also covers topics such as reporting live on the Cape2Rio yacht race, lifestyle trend predictions, accommodation reviews and best sustainable travel practices. Regular pro bona work. As the co-founder of the #AnimalRightsInTourism movement, I do regular pro bona work with Conservation Action Trust, Greenpop, Blood Lions, Penguin Promises, and Seals of Namibia.

Subscribe to and Earth Chats to catch their other podcasts. They are doing incredible work highlighting environmental and conservation issues, and have many interesting guests shedding light on both. With my deep gratitude for the interest, opportunity and time awarded me and what I do x.

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