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I am deeply touched to be included on ‘The Wonder Women of African Travel Blogging‘ list by, and especially moved by their description of me, the work that I do as The Incidental Tourist and the way that I love to travel.

Little did I know that a journey that began decades ago with jobs in event co-ordination, guest house management and wedding planning, would lead to this. Seeing me establish a long and rewarding career in travel with my own high-end tour operating company that I grew to arrange dream holidays for a core group of incredible travellers, before selling it rather whimsically in 2010 to ‘start a blog’ and write.

And here I am today, humbled and grateful to be living that dream. Knowing that as much as I travel to write, and write to travel, in the end it’s the people I meet, the environment and the ethical choices that we make as we go, that is my passion. Thank you to all of you who continue to support me as I go.

The Wonder Women of African Travel Blogging, by Rida Saqib

Many souls have turned towards a cosmopolitan lifestyle, for self-discovery and affirmation of the murals of nature.  Many globetrotters have canvassed locations far and wide, in an attempt to satiate their wanderlust. The infinite beauty of this world calls out to every one of us, and our desires to see it for oneself. Fortunately, modern technology has connected people across the globe, and personal accounts on social media can now be used to pay homage to nature.

Among the fascinating visions of this earth is the vast, magnificent, and welcoming Africa. This delightful continent beckons people who love to roam about this earth and come upon its hidden gems and secrets. Social media platforms have enabled people to share their stories with the rest of the world; blogging is the perfect way to make others a part of your adventure.  The audacious and bold travellers of today, share their life experiences through blogging with such depth and enthusiasm; that makes one yearn to see the allure of Africa themselves. There is a myriad of travel bloggers out there; the ones that appealed to us were with the most personalised viewpoints and something exciting and unique to share. The woman of today is fierce, independent, and all-conquering. Our blog-piece is an honourable mention of these, particularly strong women. Why we find them inspiring? They make us want to grab a backpack and explore the marvels of Africa right away.

Helen in Wanderlust

Travel Blogger

Helen is an African enthusiast who takes every challenge in life head-on and steadfast. Travelling to Africa in 2009; the trip turned out life-transforming for her. She couldn’t keep away! Starting her blog, Helen in Wonderlust in 2013, she practically lived, purely felt, and breathed the true essence of Africa. Starting her own tour company, ‘Rock My Adventure’ in 2016, she vowed to make others see the magical country the way she does; in all its glamour and charm.  Becoming a full-time blogger in 2017, she now divides her time between the UK; where she resides, and Africa; with tours that she frequently runs.

The most fantastic thing that Helen’s blog offers is an insight to possibly everything you could ever want to know about Africa. All her writings feature her inner feelings, happenings, and experiences; with a complete itinerary for others to follow. It teaches ways to travel inexpensively, where to backpack, how to communicate, what to expect and how to enjoy. Safaris, beach activities, mountaineering, gorilla trekking, deserts, places to stay; she explains it all.  You can find the best travel advice in her blog pieces:  “39 Things You Need to Know Before Backpacking Africa” and “How to Plan Your Dream Trip to Africa (in 18 easy steps).”Down to the bare, gritty expectations; she delves into details so much that you don’t miss out on anything. Helen believes that travelling solo teaches you the real importance of life and there is nothing truly like it. Nine years of her travelling around the world, yet she still dreams of Africa. Her take on its destinations and experiences connect with you so much that you’ll want to jump on a plane and live the African life.

Dawn Jorgensen, The Incidental Tourist

A sustainable tourism advocate, lover of African cultures, dream holiday travel designer and writer of the award-winning blog, The Incidental Tourist; this lady is super at all fronts. She started her blog in 2010 to spread the love of wanderlust to all other people and communities of the world. Her motto is to give back to the world and be responsible for all tourism. Wildlife conservation, sustainable travel, nature conservation, and lifestyle blogging are some of the many things she works for tirelessly. Frequently collaborating with international tourist campaigns, companies, and other bloggers; she has quite a few feathers in her cap. If you want to know the works about African travel, she has platforms across Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter; she is your ultimate guide.

Having travelled all over the world, Dawn is wonderfully equipped with knowledge of diverse cultures, ethnicities, practices, cuisines, and lifestyles. Even with such accomplishment and global voyages; she loves Cape Town best, her home and heart. She promotes nature, wildlife, travel, and tourism in Africa, most of all. Learn about the sustainable way to travel, reduce your carbon footprint, conserve wildlife, and help however you can; her blog will show you how. Freelancing for news platforms as well, she stands firmly by her ethics. Spreading knowledge about our part in responsible travel, without compromise on environmental well-being; is her primary focus. She is a motivation for all the young travel enthusiasts out there, who are busy wayfaring; all the while conscious of their impact on the planet.

Indikate by Kate Els

Africa Travel blogger

A vivacious woman who takes every day of life as an adventure; she is a dreamer, doer, and an explorer. Based in Johannesburg, she helps make the wishes of others come true by providing resources and advice for all South Africans. Loquacious, communicative, and sometimes whimsical; she takes life one day at a time. Generally collaborating with South African distinguished tourism sites, blogs, and personnel; she is a supporter and active participant in responsible tourism.  Featuring everything from stay locations, top destinations, food, and wine, to travel tips; her blog, Indikate has it all. Her distinguished site also has a special section dedicated to the most influential African travel and lifestyle bloggers.

To know about the best hotels, the perfect international and indigenous cuisines, classic safaris,  game drives, and the efforts being put forward in animal conservation; Kate’s your hero. Her love of all living things shows in her endorsements and her writing equally.  The stunning pictures of the wildlife itself will blow you away or send you running to catch your next flight to Africa. Some comic images with the delightful creatures will make you chuckle, and also realize that every moment in life is precious. For someone who is in absolute awe of the beauty of Kenya; her photographs could make you fall for it too!

ZeeGoes by Zainob Fashola


A free-spirited, lively, travel-bug; Zainob’s take on life is to go with the flow and enjoy as much as possible. Falling in love with travel since she was 20 years old; she has made touring the world her habit and her hobby at the same time. Born and Bred in Lagos, Nigeria; she started her blog ZeeGoes where her adventures are up for grabs for anyone who wants to be inspired by them. She lives life without looking over her shoulder; like there’s no tomorrow! Her website deals with complete visa processing, trip planning, and details on where to have the best experiences when in South Africa. She even has Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube channels; where you can see her adventures for yourself.

Zainob loves to learn about other cultures, cuisines, practices, and lifestyles. The incredible thing about her work is the authentic insight into life in Nigeria that she provides, being a local. Using jargon and terminology frequently, she gives advice that is very applicable for anyone that wants to visit the vicinity. Travelling all over the world, she incorporates concepts of different cultures, to blend in and be a part of their heritage. It gives her the unique opportunity to encounter their tradition in its purest form. Her writings about Uganda and the random photo gallery represents pure spontaneity in her life. If you want a #NoRegrets trip to Africa, Zainob is the best person to ask!

Travel with Irine

Travel Blogger Africa

Someone who believes in visual story-telling and how every story matters, Irine’s travel narrative feels like a breath of fresh air. Advocating for East African Diaspora, she gives specifics on the good, the bad, and the ugly of travelling, without any sugarcoating.  To know what to expect when travelling is essential, and her journalistic view gives insight into some personal as well as public opinion. Fun-loving, but a responsible tourist, Irine’s adventures will make you long for Africa. Her particular piece; “Leave No Trace” Principle: Best Practices to Follow” is a must-read for all those who believe in responsible tourism and conservation. Her private take on life reflects through the gorgeous photography that her blog features. Her openness to communicate opinions and share ideas with others is warm and welcoming.

For advice on the best places to stay in Kenya, best backpack and travel tips, adventure sports, and perfectly picturesque viewpoints; get in touch with Irine on her social platforms. Bringing together communities and people is a perk of travelling solo, or by a group; and that seems to be the objective Irine chases in life. Participating with organizations working for the benefit of African tourism and sustainability, this girl gives us some serious travel goals.

Some of these impressive ladies have stood out among the rest for us @travelhouseuk, as fearless explorers and idolizers of African culture. Travelling is a fixation that keeps increasing, the more you feed it. It fuels joy in the human soul; we can’t ever get enough of it. To take a look at the services offered by TravelHouseUK visit their website at

There is a famous African proverb that says: To get lost is to learn to the way.

Being adrift in the majesty of Africa, its wilderness, landscapes, cascading waters, and natural beauty is heaven.  If you need any help planning your trip to Africa, let me know.

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