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Foschini New York

Last month I ran a competition in collaboration with The Foschini Group Ltd to promote the fact that they were allowing their clients to secure one of seven dream holidays with just a 10% deposit, paying the rest later. An unbeatable opportunity!

Find it here: Seven Deals for Seven Destinations

I was amazed by the interest and many comments and entries that I received both here and on social media. But then again, who wouldn’t want to win a R5000 eGift voucher towards their holiday, or simply to spend at one of the stores under the Foschini Group umbrella.

Take a look at the Seven Deals for Seven Destinations that you can still book with them.

Of all the entries it was very difficult to choose a favourite and I recruited the help of the Foschini Group PR agent to go through them and select the winner. We have decided on Peter Emrie, who writes the following:

You know the opening scene in the movie ‘Up’, where the couple have this wonderful goal to travel and experience new things but then everyday life just kinda gets in the way and that dream gets relegated to a bookshelf?

Well that’s where it feels we are at the moment (except we’ve had the kids – unlike the movie) and our dream of visiting New York City is collecting dust, just like the Lonely Planet New York City Guide we bought all those years ago and is now sitting on the bookshelf.

This is the perfect prize to kick-start us into action and to tick off that bucket-list travel dream, before we make any more excuses as to why we just can’t do it.

Foschini New York

Congratulatons Peter Emrie! Please share pics of your trup to New York with us when you go.

For now Up Up and Away!

Foschini New York

Foschini New York

Foschini New York

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