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For a continent with such a diverse culture and tradition spread across its different countries, the last thing you would expect to be an attraction is a sunset. However, there are some incredible spots that make it one of the greatest places in the world to see some of nature’s best work. Here are some of the greatest spots where you can kick back with a refreshing drink in one hand and camera in the other as you capture some of the best natural lights shows to memory.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay alone is an incredible place with the floating villages that are located in the area and the glistening water that surrounds it. Known as ‘The Bay of the Descending Dragon’, at dusk it projects incredible views, and although the bay appears truly stunning at any part of the day its personality really comes to life during the evening when the sunset appears. The Chinese Junk boats that are gliding in the distance create a silhouette’s that resembles postcard, and above them the high-topped cliffs. As it slowly dissolves beneath the horizon your eyes won’t be able to look away from a truly stunning setting.

Kep, Cambodia

Based upon the shoreline of southern Cambodia, everything about Kep brings a sense of relaxed calm. It’s the perfect spot to catch the sunset and to find Crab Markets to indulge at too. If you pop into the restaurants based in the Crab Market, you can tuck into some fresh local fish products with a beer in hand. The sun settles directly in front of the restaurants, creating extraordinary hue of colours in the sky.

Railay Bay, Thailand

For sunset seekers in South East Asia, there’s no better place to find surreal sunsets than in Thailand. There are plenty of beaches covered in gorgeous white sand and cut-off coves making it a primary spot for taking in the views. In particular, West Railay Bay stands out as a sunset spot. Get there early though, because as dusk begins to settle you’ll find the beach beginning to fill with residents and tourists that are settling in to witness the bright orange dusky sky that creates silhouettes of the boats and cliffs in the background.

Jimbaran Beach, Bali

Jimbaran Beach is located on the Southern Coast of Bali. What’s unique about the beach is that it’s far from the other beaches in terms of being calm and relaxed. In fact, it’s packed with seafood speciality restaurants and cocktail bars, making it an extremely popular spot for tourists and families. An extraordinary colour palette descends from the sky as the sun begins to set and you witness surfers catch their final wave as the sea begins to calm. Although the atmosphere is considered rather lively compared to other sunset spots, the blend of village life and tourist influences, make it a perfect mixture for a cosy setting.

Regardless of where you’re travelling in South East Asia, be sure to allow enough time out to linger at one of these spots. The continent itself is rich with great views and mesmerising sites and attractions, but they are easily topped off by mother nature’s greatest creations. Making a trip to immigration solicitors to get your own and your spouse visa applications arranged along with your travelling documents, is essential.

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