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The Americas may hold some powerful and intriguing nations, and Asia is definitely incredibly diverse and interesting, but when it comes to beauty, Europe remains incomparable.

If you’re planning that much-anticipated trip, Central Europe remains a wonderful option. Whether it’s Vienna or Lucerne, you’ll find everything you could dream of, from culture and history to activities and beautiful natural landscapes. Below is a list of some favourite spots beckoning discovery and following all the safety measures, currently required for travel.

1. Zell am See, Austria

Zell am See is a beautiful, quaint town built on the banks of Lake Zell. This amazing place offers you watersports and sunbathing in summer and mountain skiing and hiking in winters, hiking all year round. Romanesque St. Hippolyte’s Church is one of the town’s attraction you will want to visit when in Zell am See.

2. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, with its beautiful Ljubljana river and the greenery that surrounds it, is one of the most scenic places to visit in Central Europe. A big part of it is its nightlife when the city comes alive with its pubs and clubs, making it a popular destination for the youngsters. The Ljubljana Castle is an important landmark and a fine example of the gorgeous architecture that Ljubljana is known for.

3. Heidelberg, Germany

The oldest town in Germany, Heidelberg is home to the gorgeous Baroque Altstadt and is bound to steal your hearts. Its lush green spaces and riversides living offers you the most appealing environment to relax into. Walking through the town and soaking up the atmosphere is most memorable, and as the sun sets, you’re welcomed by the side-street restaurants. But Heidelberg has other appealing features. For example, if you are a student studying for the PANCE exam, visiting hospitals in Heidelberg, including University Hospital Heidelberg which ranks among the top hospitals in Europe, would be a very useful and most informative.

4. Bratislava, Slovakia

The capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava is also one of the smallest cities to discover and so surprisingly beautiful. Its old architecture gives it a gothic feel and brings its history to life. Situated on the banks of the Danube, Bratislava is known for several things including its bars, cafes, and shopping boutiques. The place really is heaven for shopaholics and a river cruise is obligatory.

5. Lucerne, Switzerland

Switzerland holds some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes and train rides through the Swiss Alps brings you fairytale scenery. If you’re travelling to Switzerland, you might want to visit Lucerne, a city surrounded by lakes and mountains. The city has a lot of history and if you wish to discover it, a guided walking tour is recommended. Visit neoclassical Sammlung Rosengart, a museum that houses several of Picasso’s masterpieces, Hofkirche St. Leodegar that dates back to the 15th century and the Musegg Wall, which was built in the 13th century.

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Safe transportation

In these tough COVID influenced times, travelling by public transport can impose a huge risk to your and your family’s health. Once you get to your chosen destination, most people would prefer to travel by taxi or bus, since they’re cheaper. But with your health the focus, it may be advisable to rent a car and drive yourself. This will require you to have an international driver’s license, which isn’t too difficult to get and is presented in 10 languages and allows you to drive across 150 countries and 6 continents.

Central Europe is one of the most beautiful places to be visited, with Zell am See in Austria, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Heidelberg in Germany, Bratislava in Slovakia, and Lucerne in Switzerland recommended.

Central Europe offers a plethora of options and experiences to indulge in. All you need is to be a little cautious keeping the COVID situation in mind.

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