BOSJES Chapel, Tee Tuin & Kombuis. In video.


Earlier this month videographer Eden Weiss and I headed out to the incredible BOSJES in the Breede River Valley for an overnight of spoils, walks to the Chapel, tea and bubbly drinking in the Tee Tuin and many delicious meals in the Kombuis. We’d seen pics in magazines and heard stories of the beauty of this place, but nothing is quite the same as being there in person. Such a highly recommended and special escape to the country. Here it is captured to video.

With thanks to Manley Communications. Filmed and edited by the talented Eden Weiss Videography.

  1. Wonderful video, Really its mind blowing..The way Eden Weiss is captured in camera creates curious about place and explained Kombuis beautifully. Great work.

  2. Breede River Valley is so beautiful and one of my best memorable place with wander full experience. Meals in Kombuis quite differ with verity of items, Really i love that food. Bosjes is cool place they maintained so neatly and make it like sole place like peace full heaven ..This videos get back my memories.. Thanks Eden Weiss..Nice video..

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