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Botswana. – The Mokoro of dug-out canoe has become the iconic symbol of the Okavango Delta and I now know why. 

Originally, the only form of transport for fishing and transporting people and goods around the channels, these canoe-like vessels were crafted from tree trunks painstakingly hollowed out using hand-tools. However timber ultimately rots and results in more trees having to be cut down, which isn’t environmentally sustainable, and they are now moulded from fibre-glass. 

There’s nothing quite like being on the quiet and serene channels, dream-like as you glide between the reeds and papyrus, your guide using a long pole or"ngashi“ to drive you as you bird watch, look out for reed frogs and hope for an elephant sighting …

Read: Botswana’s Okavango Delta. With Desert & Delta and #FlyAirlink and for more on how to get there have a look at FlyAirlink and follow them on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram and see the #FlyAirlink hashtag to keep in touch with their routes and special offers.

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