Brazil And South Africa: Bridging The Atlantic With New Direct Flights.

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The Brazilian Tourism Board (EMBRATUR) has announced new direct flights linking Brazil with South Africa (and other African nations), a development that highlights the ongoing strengthening of cultural and economic ties between the two countries. This breakthrough initiative will offer non-stop flights from key African destinations to Brazil.

The initiative reflects the position of Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, of strengthening economic and social ties with the African continent. Last week, Lula went to South Africa, Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe, having been received by the leaders of these nations. During his speech at the National Assembly of Angola, in Luanda, President Lula stated that more than half of the 203 million Brazilians recognize themselves as Afro-descendant. Much has already been said about what unites us in music, dance, capoeira, gastronomy and soccer and this further endorses and strengthens this extraordinary cultural link.

‘This strategic expansion brings Brazil closer to Africa, making it easier for business and leisure travellers from both regions to experience the rich culture, natural beauties and business opportunities each has to offer’.

Direct Flights

Launching in early September, LATAM will be the first Latin American airline to fly from Brazil to Africa since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. This new flight will provide a direct bridge from São Paulo to Johannesburg, in South Africa, with connections to the rest of the African continent. Apart from LATAM, South African Airways is also launching two new routes in early September, providing direct services from Cape Town and Johannesburg to São Paulo.

As I was literally on the last South African Airways flight from São Paulo to Johannesburg in February 2020 as lockdown took effect and the airline went into debt review, I have always hoped that the route would return. This is therefore mot welcome news.

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** Article supplied and shared as I love the idea of our countries being easily connected again.

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