Chiang Mai. Authentic Northern Thailand.

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Chiang Mai. Authentic Northern Thailand.

Founded in 1296 as the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom, today it is a peaceful place where past and present merge with modern buildings and luxury hotels exist effortlessly alongside sacred temples, yet somehow feels more like a rural town than a bustling capital, and just beyond the city’s borders, you find lush countryside, pristine rainforests and peaceful country villages.

Don’t miss the opportunity to eat street food from the vendors that set up each night near the Chang Puak Gate or to explore the various galleries and boutiques in the area. Venturing further afield, a visit to the sacred Doi Suthep temple is a must, as is time at one of the elephant sanctuaries for which the area is renowned. A fun recommendation is a day touring with The Tuk Tuk Club, who will teach you to drive one before you head out on your three-wheeled adventure.

See more at Thailand Blog SA. Editing by Eden Weiss Videography for #captureThailand. Read more of my Thailand posts.

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  1. So enjoyed the video…wish it was longer as my curiosity has peaked after this beautiful reflective video and your chat on my radio show. Congrats to you both

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