Cision Names Africa’s Top 10 Travel Blogs & Includes Mine.

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It is no secret that I advocate for African travel and do much to encourage that this vibrant, diverse and rather magical continent be explored and discovered … There’s something about the soulfulness that makes travel here most real and rewarding for me.

Which means that an inclusion by USA based Cision on their Top 10 African travel blogs, touched and honoured me. I am so grateful.

There are a few bloggers on the list that I know, respect and follow such as Cape Town My Love, Becoming You and The Travel Manual. Also a few new ones that I look forward to reading and connecting with.

Thank you Cision for your support of The Incidental Tourist and African Travel.


From my Instagram feed during a recent trip to Kenya.

Here’s to the camaraderie that is born of the love for African travel.

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