MSC Cruises To The Portuguese Islands. The Video.

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Cruising. – I recently had the great pleasure of joining an MSC Cruise to the Portuguese Islands off Mozambique, onboard the Sinfonia. Leaving Durban we made our way overnight to dock off Inhaca Island, spending two nights here, allowing a couple of days to explore the surrounds.

We took a trip to the lighthouse on Inhaca, swam in the warm ocean for hours, feasted on freshly cut watermelon and lounged in the Exec beach lounge. I also took a snorkelling trip of Santa Maria, which richly rewarded.

Each night we joined the group for dinner and took in a show, walked the deck to breath in the sea breeze before bed and admired all the goods for offer at the shops, before falling asleep to the rhythm of the waters. Our balcony suite was beautiful, spacious and opened up to the endless horizon. You can even order your breakfast to be delivered to your room.

The pool deck beckoned, as did the Spa and I even got a haircut at the salon with the Cuban hairdresser. All the crew (from 39 countries) were incredibly efficient and friendly and when we started our return journey I was sorry our trip was so short. I could easily have lingered longer.

I’ve learnt that this is one of the most affordable holiday options for South Africans, the most relaxing trip that you can take – unless of course you hit the disco until the early hours – that it is impossible to go hungry and that you don’t need the cocktail vouchers when bubbly is only R50 a glass. That photographers are seriously good at convincing you to get a set of official photos, and that not all Italian Captains are equal. Some send you drinks whilst you’re indulging in the warm ocean waters.

Learn more at MSC Cruises or by contacting their local media partner Ingrid N Roding of Shack Marketing at

Edited by Eden Weiss Videography.

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