Four Tourist Attractions To Visit In Thailand.

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As many readers of my blog will be aware, Thailand is a country I have a deep affinity to and work with closely, being lucky enough to visit each year for a more in-depth exploration into all that the Kingdom has to offer. Often and understandably regarded as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with breathtaking white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and delicious traditional cuisine; it’s no surprise that thousands of tourists flock here each year, or that it is the second most popular overseas destination for South Africans.

Do read my previous blogs for some ideas of what to do there. For further guidance with your planning, these Four Cultural Tourist Attractions To Visit In Thailand.

Floating Markets, Bangkok

For an alternative way to do some shopping, you can visit the floating markets of Bangkok. You’ll need to get up early as the vendors are often out first thing in the morning selling their fresh produce of fruit, vegetables, cooked food and spices. The best market is Tha Kha, which serves as a genuine traditional floating market rather than one just catering to tourists.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Bangkok’s famous Grand Palace is a must-see for anyone visiting Thailand. It’s the number one sightseeing attraction in the city. The grounds are a maze of royal halls, temples and ancient relics – including the all-important Temple of the Emerald Buddha.



The Luang Say Cruise, Pak Beng

This cruise takes you on a relaxing two day getaway down the Mekong River on a renovated barge. The river runs from the eastern Tibetan plateau, through Myanmar, Thailand and down to Vietnam. On board, the barge is plush interiors and delicious buffet-style Laotian food. Along the way, there will be some amazing stops at the Pak Ou Caves and a traditional Laos village. More at



Note: The cruise departs from Laos but takes you through beautiful Thailand. Also, that the food is amazing.

Monkey Beach, Ao Ling, Koh Phi Phi

It won’t come as a shock to know that this is the best place to go in Thailand if you’re a fan of monkeys. You’ll come face-to-face with them in their natural habitat, a truly wonderful experience for anyone who visits. You can also hire a guide to take you out on a small wooden boat or rent your own kayak and do some exploring. If you fancy travelling by yourself, just be sure to take in a few tips about travelling etiquette in Thailand.



NOTE: Do bear in mind that touching the monkeys is not recommended.

Visiting Thailand

Many people choose Thailand as their holiday destination because of the sheer diversity of the country. Cities such as Bangkok offer a vibrant nightlife, incredible historical sites and ancient ruins. Whereas cities such as Phuket Island offer magnificent scenery and gorgeous beaches. Be sure to plan your trip carefully so you get to see everything you want to. Some people end up spending months there at time. Similar to applying for a  UK Visa Wizard, you may need a visa to visit Thailand depending on where you’re travelling from. In many cases, it can be beneficial to book the trip with a travel company who can help you plan every day, so shop around for the best deals and be sure to check your government websites for visa details.

 South African passport holders do not require a visa for a stay of up to 30 days.

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