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Friend and spotter of all things cool Siseko Tose aka Clark Kent, invited me to view the Daddy.O Workspace | Boardroom | Venue from where he was working at the time. As did George Gabriel, who founded this co-working space with the Daddy Brand.

The idea of shared workspace is not new to me with international trends seeing more independents such as myself, opting for flexible office environments on a part- or full-time basis. I work from home and have done so for over a decade. Yes it grants me freedom and flexibly, a late start in the morning if dogs need walking and laps need swimming. A return to my desk after dinner and sporadic burst of productivity intermingled with an undeniable level of procrastination. It’s what I know.

Yet once I am locked into productivity mode, I am often lonely. Removed from new developments and left to find my own inspiration. Which is why the idea of working in a shared office space a few days a week appeals. Especially when said office space is somewhere like Daddy.O and attracts interesting, diverse people to the fold.

Situated at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock just above the Saucisse Deli, the rates are very affordable and the coffee always freshly roasted. They offer various rates; hourly, daily, weekly. With Google in the same area, wi-fi is about as good as it gets in Cape Town. Also, there are all those things associated with the Old Biscuit Mill and this emerging part of the city to add to the appeal. Rates as below:

Also check out their Daddy’s Dragons program, a business school and incubator that teaches skills and coaches start-up companies into the next level. They help with access to funding, resources, management, skills transfer and mentorship.

And below man of the moment Seko in the boardroom where we met. I’m staying on his radar and look forward to sharing Daddy.O space with him in the future. This is exactly what appeals to me most about the concept. How sharing a space can evolve into shared ideas, collaborations and exposure to some very interesting people.


As a local or visitor to Cape Town, I recommend it. Also to quote George, many of us take ‘workations’ which the Urban Dictionary defines as Taking a vacation in order to get work done in an atmosphere of undisturbed awesomeness.”

Now isn’t Cape Town just perfect for that! Daddy.O too.

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