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Happy Phone. Happy Life.

Despite regularly taking myself off the grid for time in the bush and moments in quiet desolate places, its no secret that I’m completely addicted to my phone.

It entertains me. Knows where I am all the time. Responds to my touch. Never judges me. Even monitors how far I walk in a day. It’s my security blankie. So when taken away I feel at a complete loss, there’s a slight panic and I feel like I’m missing my best friend … Which makes me a FOBO/PSA – Fear of Being Offline and Phone Separation Anxiety sufferer of the highest order.

Teaming up with Chief Emotional Officer and SA comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout, iFix ran a survey with South Africans around their mobile phones and the results show that I am not alone.

Have a look at some of the key findings from their study:

  • 56% of people said the first thing they do in the morning is check their phone (Don’t we all?)
  • 54% said they check their phone more than 3 times an hour (Guilty)
  • 18% said they check their phone more than 10 times an hour. That’s almost twice every 10 minutes for an hour (FOBO symptom number 1)
  • 54% admitted to getting annoyed or agitated when someone else used their phone (PSA symptom number 1)

Fact, I’m addicted to my phone and like many of you, may need help. Lucky for us, it’s within easy reach at our local iFix stores. With 25 stores country wide and having repaired over 465216 devices in the past 8 years they are the most experienced one-stop phone fix shop. Which certainly gives me a sense of relief …

To help ease my anxiety, iFix have sent me a self-help kit that includes FOBO tea in Bliss, Emotional Harmoniser and Sleepy Mama flavours, a bottle of PSA No 5 quick spritz for that eau so relaxing feeling and little wooden replacement faux phone to hold in my hands to ease any separation from my phone.


Watch these videos for some advice on how to cope – Nature | Music | Exercise. Watch this too.

Should you be suffering a similar affliction to me, do connect with iFix Cape Town on their Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube to make sure you always have a #HappyPhone. For your ease, their telephone number is 021 837 9800, email and you can find them at 161 Loop Street, Cape Town.

Thank you to Positive Dialogue for recognising my serious FOBO and PSA affliction.

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