Dreaming of Fabulous Tenerife. A Must See Paradise Holiday.

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The Canary Islands by default sound mysteriously alluring. A Spanish archipelago off the coast of north west Africa, these rugged volcanic isles known for their black and white sand beaches, are a place I’d love to visit. Tenerife in particular.



One of the largely populous islands in the Canary, Tenerife is the most visited an offers amazing first-class leisure opportunities and facilities, drawing people from around the globe to spend their holidays here.

Most of the towns in Tenerife still maintain their rich culture, mixed with European influences and traditions. The island offers much more than just exceptional diving spots. This place, which is said to be the largest and perhaps most beautiful island in the Canary, is heaven to tourists and locals alike, making it a foremost choice in the area. Sharing the same quality and offering a luxury villa holiday experience for all. More than this, many outdoor activities such as fishing, jet skiing, and water skiing add to the happiness.

Tenerife has continually maintained its reputation for being paradise on earth. Yet somehow South Africans don’t always look here when booking their holidays. Appealing especially to divers, this area never fails to satisfy the yearning for a perfect underwater world offering a unique and ultimate biodiversity, making it a paradise not only for divers but for all underwater world enthusiasts.

If you have some time, take to the 18-hole Golf las America’s course, situated right in the heart of the resort. The picturesque views, lush green gardens and twisting lakes are worth looking at even if you are not a golf enthusiast. However, if you are interested in trying out you golfing skills, you may also want to head to Golf del Sur in the south.


Photo credit. James J Dunn

When deciding where to stay, look to Playa de las Americas on the south coast of the island. A lively resort, surrounded by scores of clubs and bars where thousands of travellers come all year round for 24 hour Spanish infused festivities, making it easy to understand why it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

Unlike the rest of Tenerife, Playa de las Americas, is specifically meant for party-lovers. However, after the fun and dancing, you can enjoy some quiet time beyond the lively resort. The island also promotes as a more exotic wedding location guaranteed to provide a most memorable occasion for your guests, who will get to enjoy the inviting beaches and the fabulous weather whilst toasting your future.

The resort mostly attracts pleasure-seeking young couples. Not only is it gorgeous, it is also packed with live music venues, restaurants, cabaret bars and nightclubs. Most of the happening nightlife venues are situated on the stretch known as “Veronicas.” As soon as you enter the area, the music sounds through the doorways, with neon lights and vibrant people dancing in the street to set your mood for the night.


Photo credit – Ian R. Simpson

Me on the other hand, I think I’ll take to long walks, plenty of hours in the water and time learning about the culture and food.

Tenerife certainly looks like a perfect place for an indulgent break. Whether its to relax and explore or as a special venue for your lifetime celebration and wedding getaway. Here, off the west coast of Africa, be it fun or a peaceful reprieve you’re after, you’re sure to find it.

Top photo credit. flickr.

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