The Enchanting Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden in Stellenbosch. South Africa.

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Dylan Lewis is a South African artist who has emerged as one of the foremost figures in contemporary sculpture. Lewis’s work features in private collections throughout the UK, Continental Europe, United States and Australia, and he is one of only a handful of living artists to have had more than one solo auction with Christie’s in London.

Lewis’s primary inspiration is wilderness. At one level his bronze sculptures celebrate the power and movement of Africa’s life forms; at another the textures he creates speak of the continent’s primaeval, rugged landscapes and their ancient rhythms. The Dylan Lewis sculpture garden and the studio is situated on a piece of land he has inhabited since 1993 when he first moved there to build a studio and bronze foundry. Over the decades he has landscaped the garden as a work of art with different varieties of fynbos creating texture and colour varieties that mould and form. Here you find a look at his work and method, as well as insight into his creative process.

What you want to do is book a guided tour of the garden, allowing an opportunity to walk around the water features, past the sculptures, between the trees and wildflowers. It is surreal and peaceful, offering a look not only into the mind of a great artist but also into the animal spirit and indistinct boundaries between animals and human nature, exploring the concept of wilderness in us all. All whilst in an uninterrupted natural environment.

Book your visit to the gardens at and Tel: 021880005 and find more info on their website. There’s also a stunning function venue that will be opened in April 2016 and available for private functions.

** My visit to the garden was arranged as part of my #SoloExperience in Stellenbosch with Destinate and Stellenbosch 360. I was hosted throughout.

** Top pic provided.

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