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Elgin. – I’m a bubbly girl. I’d rather drink bubbly than any other thing I can think of. Except water of course. But then water is like air and bubbly like the million inspired senses that make you want to breath it in. They go well together.

Which is why when at Old Mac Daddy for #SecretSunday, I was delighted to hop onto the Adventure Wine Tours carriage and head down the road to the Charles Fox Cap Classique Estate for a tour and tasting. South Africa’s only MCC Estate.

Originally a fruit farm, Charles and Zelda Fox bought this land in 2005 after searching for the perfect MCC terroir, completing the cellar with its holding capacity for 200 000 bottles by 2010. Now transformed into an impressive estate with a tasting room that commands forever views, this is a place of personal pride and natural exuberance.

After enjoying a tasting on the terrace we headed downstairs, glass of MCC in hand, to learn more about the production line. Wine tanks, barrels, bottler and cappers. And most beautiful of all, the layers of Brut Rose gracefully ageing in the bottle.

The romance is alive and well here and the passion palpable. This is a classic French style of Champagne bringing pride to the South African MCC label. Oh, and they deliver anywhere in the country for free. Minimum of 6 bottles. But we both know, you’ll need at least that. 

Contact details to learn more here.

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