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We are all different; with different tastes and preferences. Which means that when it comes to travelling, we all have different interests, desires and expectations from our journeys. Some look to enrich their soul, while others immerse themselves in different cultures by mingling with locals and getting a true taste of the countries they visit. Some are active tourists who run around trying to soak up details, visit every monument and fill their cameras with tons of photos, and then there are of course those who just want to relax and unwind at exotic and romantic destinations as Bali.

Regardless of the difference in taste, we all want our journeys to be pleasurable, and keeping our health up is the main prerequisite for that. As we know, the change of climates and time zones has a tendency to mess up our system, so it’s paramount we do everything in our power to not let external circumstances get us down and take away even just a day from our travelling experience.

For that purpose, we have comprised a list of essential tips that will ensure nothing stands in the way of you and a superb travelling experience.

Better safe than sorry

During a journey, the digestive tract is generally one of the first casualties, so in the spirit of the mantra “a good offense is the best defense” make it your mission to start taking probiotics several days before you set sail anywhere. A healthy stomach will enable the body to tolerate almost any kind of food or drinks you might “throw” at it, and it’s crucial for maintaining a strong immune system that will keep all other possible ailments at bay. Still, just to be on the safe side, pack and take your vitamins regularly, and make sure any medication you generally need and use are in your carry-on. A little first aid kit is also highly recommended, if not for yourself, for fellow travellers.

Healthy While Travelling

No such thing as too much

When a great journey is at stake, there is no such thing as overhydration, especially when you’re travelling by plane. The cabin pressure can and will suck all the water from your skin and body, which makes regular sips a definite must. The hydration frenzy shouldn’t stop once the plane lands; the walking, sightseeing, the new climate (especially if it’s warm and humid where you are) put you at risk of dehydration, so keep a handy reusable water bottle with you at all times. Water is vital for not only the health of your kidney, but the health and good functioning of your entire body.

Bonus tip: always opt for bottled water as there might be bacteria in the tap water at your destination which your body isn’t used to, so don’t take any chances. Unless of course, you get the all clear from your hosts.

Stay active

Aside from consistently healthy dietary habits, there is nothing that keeps the body in spick and span shape like exercise. It keeps your cardiovascular health intact, energises the body and elevates your mood, not to mention that it keeps you strong and able to roam around tirelessly. Now, there are many forms of exercise, but one of the most travel-friendly and beneficial ones is yoga, by far, and in almost every country you can find incredible yoga classes, although Bali and Thailand are homes to some of the finest spa and yoga resorts

Note: I never travel without my yoga mat and try to get at least half an hour in daily.

Even if you find yourself in a completely unexplored and unfamiliar country, thanks to the wonders of the Digital Age, you can find everything you need. There are tons of apps, such as the amazingly user-friendly MindBeauty, which allows you to find and book yoga sessions with a few clicks of a button. Of course, this is just one of many convenient wellness and fitness apps. Other incredible ones include Couch to K5, perfect for those who are more inclined towards running, as well as Sworkit, which allows you to watch videos demonstrated by personal trainers so you can work out literally wherever you are. You are also likely to be walking many kilometres a day as you explore, and an easy addition to that is opting for stairs over elevators as you go.

There is no excuse to put exercise on hold during travel; quite the opposite – this is the time to step up your game and keep your health intact.

Healthy While Travelling

Reclaim your sleep

When you change several different time-zones, there is a good chance that the jet-lag will get the best of you, making you feel drowsy, disoriented and completely throw your sleeping pattern off track. Even if jet-lag isn’t the issue, some people simply have trouble falling asleep in a new place, and sleep-deprivation can have severe consequences on your health. Therefore, it is crucial you come armed with earplugs, lavender oil, request a quiet room with hopefully great blinds, and get your quality snooze time as sleep is truly a time when the body reboots and replenishes itself. There will be plenty of time for adventures and exploration, but sleep should not suffer at home, and especially not in a foreign place.

Healthy While Travelling

When in doubt, go for variety

You have probably done a thorough job researching the weather conditions before embarking on your journey. Still, you never know when Mother Earth will throw you a curveball, so pack a bit of everything from bathing suits and sundresses to wind jackets, warm trousers and cosy sweaters; as well as a variety of footwear options. Don’t let one chilly day or a sudden rain shower ruin your entire trip; when it comes to clothes, be a boy scout – always prepared.

Finally, stay away from germs as much as humanly possible; wipe the aeroplane seats, always have bio-degradable antibacterial wipes with you, and mind what you eat and where. The last thing you want is to get food poisoning while away from home.

Healthy While Travelling

Now all you need to do is go and pack with these tips in mind and have a safe and extraordinary trip.

** Guest Post by Sophia Smith / Beauty and fashion blogger and HighStyLife.

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