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Miami is considered to be one of the best places to visit in America.

With varied exciting attractions, visitors are spoilt for choice with much to do while on their holiday. The obvious thing to see is the beaches, swiftly followed by the city itself and the shopping it offers. Here’s the thing, though – not everyone wants to be a tourist when spending time in Miami.

For some, a big part of the experience is the chance to live like a local while they are visiting a new place. In Miami, you really do need to move off the beaten track every now and then. Whatever would be different for you, you should do it. So, don’t immediately head to South Beach. instead, rent a yacht in Miami and see it from a different angle – as I did when cruising through there a few years back. There are plenty of places to go that will ensure that you see Miami like a local rather than someone who just hopped off of a plane.

Where To Eat

Eating in Miami is an experience. When you’re at home, you go to the same haunts over and over again because you already know that they have your favourite dish. In Miami, you need to do the opposite. The beaches have a plethora of restaurants in the open air that can provide you with cheap and affordable dishes. Ask the local chefs their favourite dish and sample it; even if it wouldn’t usually be your cup of tea. The locals love Pubbelly Sushi and Lucali, so step inside and feel revitalized by trying something new.

Where To Drink

Partying on the beach always means a drink in hand, but when you’re on the track to be like a local, you want to relax and sip your drink and take in the atmosphere. Bodega and The Sweet Liberty are excellent local options if you are just looking for a quiet evening to relax and let the crowd go by.

Where To Party

Locals know how to have fun and when it’s time to get your friends and let your hair down, you need to head to the Bay Club in South Beach. It’s not frequented by too many tourists, which means that you can enjoy cocktails and conversation without being squashed up against revellers. Let’s not forget, also, that if you head to the beach for a Miami beach party, clear up your own mess. It’s essential to make sure you’re not leaving a bad taste behind with the locals – you’re trying to be one!

Where To Travel

Miami is famous for the cars on the road, but the locals love their scooters. Hiring a scooter for the duration of your break is going to make a difference to the way that you experience Miami. Wind through the back streets to get where you need to go and leave your carbon footprint much smaller than you would have previously.



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