Female Empowerment Photography Exhibition Held at Cameraland

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To celebrate Women’s Month, a photo exhibition was held with a focus on female empowerment projects in Cape Town, showcasing a series of portraits taken by Sarah Isaacs and Anna Lusty, two phenomenal photographers who volunteered their time to document projects by a few NGO’s; Girl Pride Africa, The Girl Impact, and MOSAIC. I was invited to the opening of the exhibition, which was at Cameraland, but sadly couldn’t make it, but asked for details and some pics to share with you here as I much admire the project and impact it is having.

About the Women’s Empowerment Projects

MOSAIC is an NGO focused on the prevention of abuse and domestic violence in disadvantaged communities. MOSAIC was founded in 1993, in response to the high levels of violence against women in Cape Town – particularly domestic violence. MOSAIC provides court support services, training courses, self-defence classes, and sexual health services.

Girl Pride Africa is an NGO in Masiphumelele, in the Southern Peninsula, that offers support to teenage mothers. Teenage pregnancy often leaves girls stigmatised and without career options. Girl Pride Africa offers girls support by helping them complete their schooling and find jobs, offering counselling and baby supplies that the girls can’t afford.

The Girl Impact is an NGO that seeks to support teenage girls and give them a better start to womanhood by not only advancing their knowledge but by ensuring the boys and men in their community see the value of healthy, educated and empowered local women. Their goal is to see young women and better informed young men, working together to close the huge gender equality gap. The program focuses their work on the ‘Six Pillars of Girl Impact’; education, health, safety, early pregnancy, income generation and self-confidence.

About the Photographers

Sarah Isaacs is a Cape Town based portrait and documentary photographer with an exceptional eye for subtle details. She strikes a balance between seasonal commercial work and ongoing passion projects that explore the social and economic challenges South Africa faces. Sarah has a particular passion for women’s issues and has documented the work of a variety of nonprofit organisations.

Anna Lusty offers her photographic services to charitable organisations. She has combined her working experience in the non-profit sector (communications and fundraising) with her commercial photography skills to support and enhance charities in their work. She believes that images are a key tool in communicating with current donors in terms of the organisations work, impact and how donor money is being spent as well as reaching out and connecting to potential supporters to the cause.

About the Organisers

Penda Trust is a Cape Town based NGO that uses photography as a tool for generating social and environmental change. They do this by teaching photography to youth in underprivileged communities in Cape Town, by providing free professional photographers to grassroots nonprofits, and by raising awareness of important causes through exhibitions and online campaigns.

Cameraland is the longest-running photography store in Cape Town. With its central location and beautifully restored old building, it offers a wide range of photography equipment, as well as a funky cafe, a gallery space, and a roof terrace.

The Essential Details

The NGOs

Girl Pride Africa: https://girlsprideafrica.com

The Girl Impact: https://thegirlimpact.org

MOSAIC: https://mosaic.org.za/main/

The Photographers

Sarah Isaacs Photography: http://sarahisaacsphotography.com

Anna Lusty Photography: http://www.madeinmycamera.co.za

The Organisers: 

Penda Trust: http://www.pendatrust.org

Cameraland: https://www.cameraland.co.za

Urban Digital Concepts: http://www.urbandigitalprinting.com

For more information contact Marleen Lammers, Managing Director of Penda Photo Tours & Penda Trust at www.pendaphototours.com and www.pendatrust.org. Pics were taken and supplied by Kelsie Meaden.

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