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Spending quality time with friends is arguably the greatest way to pass time. Engaging in fun outdoor activities together, an amazing way to catch up, reminiscence and make new memories.

Opting to do this in the great outdoors and partaking in a fun activity that is also good for your wellbeing, cannot be recommended enough. The good thing is that there are plenty of beautiful places to visit in every corner of this globe, regardless of your budget. Here we explore five activities that you can enjoy with friends or family. Some are right on your doorsteps, others will require that you travel far from home, and some might take some persuading to get your friends on board. Whichever you choose, it will be amazing!

Scuba Diving

If you are already a qualified scuba diver, then you definitely understand how much joy this extreme sport generates. If you are yet to learn the skill, then there isn’t a better way to learn it than in a group. Learning as a team will mean always having a common skill rolled up your collective sleeves for future holidays. What’s more, you will be diving up to 18 meters after attaining the first level of scuba diving proficiency, a fete you’ll achieve in less than a week. If there aren’t excellent resorts in your locality that have nice dive centres, you can always fly to North Africa, South East Asia or Europe where you’ll find many reputable dive centres.


Biking as a group is the perfect way to get off the beaten tracks and explore your neighbourhood better and more thoroughly. Of course, there are many hidden treasures in your neighbourhood that you will never discover if you are always riding or driving around the city pavements. If you aren’t experienced in biking, you can always start by riding along established lowland paths and then gradually transition to wilder cross country tracks. It will take you a few days to start riding on speedy downhill tracks.

Playing paintball

Paintball is fun; that goes without saying. Of the many amazing outdoor activities out there, paintballing does stand out. The game is good to play with friends and very rewarding. Paintball guns give you the chance to bring all your ‘movie-based shooting fantasies’ to life. The game allows you to set goals and accomplish each one of them working as a team with the people closest to your heart. As a matter of fact, you will have a great time imagining what could happen in the game even before you start it and after you are done, you will all have a lot to laugh about later. Provisor, this not something that I would personally opt for, although both my brother’s and my sons have dragged me into games in the past, and we had such fund and I turned out to be super competitive. Just make sure paint is biodegradable.

Skiing or Snowboarding

These two are great group winter sports. The beauty that comes from hitting the slopes together is immeasurable. And because you will be comfortable staying as a group in a chalet, even those who aren’t enthusiastic about skiing or snowboarding will thrive on the picturesque setting. The epitome of this experience is the camaraderie and feasting in groups in the evenings.



This is one of the best experiences and will have you flying through the sky. The next time you crave a fun activity outdoors, visit an aerial adventure park in the company of your friends and sign up to a ziplining challenge. This exercise could be scary especially if you are scared of heights, but the tension will significantly reduce if you are with loved ones. Don’t allow your fear to hold you back. Take it to be more of a learning and growth opportunity rather than a terrifying exercise. This thrill-seeking adventure will make your bond grow stronger as a group, help you reduce stress as an individual, and help everyone in the group build their self-esteem.

You will know from reading my blog that I’m a huge fan of hiking trails. Read my Hiking the Overberg’s Blue Mountain Trail.

In summary, if you have been wondering about ways to enjoy escapist time with friends and family, these ideas should help you get started with the planning. They will break the routine and are guaranteed to strengthen the bond between you. Get out there and make your friendship bond stronger.

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