FLUFF Magazine. An Interview.

Fluff Magazine – You never know who you might meet at a No Man’s Art pop-up exhibition, or where that introduction may lead.

In my case it was by invitation of Jacqui Barhouch that I found myself gazing admirably at the international works on display, when she introduced me to her Emil. He and I immediately connected on Twitter and Instagram and by that a fixed friendship and dialogue was born.

Little did I know at the time that Emil (Founder and Creative Director), was collaborating with Alexandra Nagel (Editor) to produce the innovative masterpiece, FLUFF Magazine.

As they say by way of introduction: ’We are FLUFF. An unlikely pair who are not originally from the Mother City; we want to get to know the DNA that makes up this body we call home. We are not trying to make that paper promise called money, we are profiling Cape Town’s people to cut that cliquey crap it has. Let’s get to know each other.’

As an import to the city myself, I appreciated their sentiment. Their previous volumes had brought us insight to David Cope, Michael Everson, Kamini Pather, Lorraine Loots, Tim Harris, Nerine Gardiner and more. Now, a few months later, Emil and Alexandra were inviting me to be interviewed and join the fold, an honour indeed.

With make-up by Cindy Horton and photography by Claire Thomson, we met at Maria’s on Dunkley Square for a discussion on travel, The Incidental Tourist, best experiences, lessons learnt, my desire to make a difference and where my heart is. The creative team inspired relaxed conversation and laughs as we shared about the things that mattered.

Please read the end result here.





Interview pages 1, 2 and 3.


The dynamic team behind FLUFF Magazine, Emil and Alexandra. 

Thank you all for the opportunity, the connection and the privilege.

Moral of the story? Always talk to strangers. They could very likely become your new best friends, and friendship is certainly one of the best things to come out of this. Thank you FLUFF. Thank you Jacqui and Emil. Bursting with beauty, inside and out, you are all much valued.

More photos from the shoot with Claire Thomson on her website.

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