Giving Back to Cape Town’s Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

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There are some words children shouldn’t know.

Regrettably scary words like ‘tumour’ become part of the reality and vocabulary of a critically ill or injured child. Now we have the power to help give them their childhood back …

Approached to help spread the word, the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town needs help raising R10 million for a bigger and better ICU. That way they can be better equipped to help Africa’s sickest baby children get the best possible medical treatment, so they can get home sooner and enjoy the precious gift of childhood.

Currently the ICU cannot keep up with the demand and are looking to increase their offering to 39 beds, 8 isolation cubicles, a 10 bed neonatal high care ward, a comfortable space for anxious families, more nurses and doctors to provide around the clock care.

It’s easy to help, all you have to do to help is SMS ‘ICU’ to 40465 to donate R20. You can also donate online at For more information connect with The Children’s Hospital Trust at and 021 6867860.


Let’s focus on the LOVE and do our little bit to help make a big difference.

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