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Gondwana Game Reserve. –  We had an incredible white Rhino sighting. The female, known lovingly to the rangers as Little Miss Daisy, has been on the reserve for a while. She has been de-horned as a precaution, yet her horn is growing back. She is so relaxed around the vehicle and actually came towards us, giving us an incredible photo opportunity.

The little boy called Bruno, had only arrived 10 days before. He was curious, besotted with Daisy and just a little unsure about how we fitted in.

We enjoyed the privilege of their company for about half an hour as the sun turned from gold to grey on their tree scratched hides. Then, as though they knew to find a safe place for the night, they ran into the yellow grass and into the cluster of trees.

I am reminded anew of how important it is to protect our very precious Rhino. A thrill to enjoy time with these.

Footnote: Concern has been raised over my posting pics of rhino here and I would like to confirm that I do so only with the express permission of the game ranger. Gondwana is a Big 5 reserve and does not shy away from the fact that they have Rhino. I work with other Rhino organisations to create awareness of their plight and a look at this is a reminder of why we need to keep up the fight to protect them.

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