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Greenpop. – For a couple of years now I’ve considered myself a loyal supporter of Greenpop and the work that they do. Becoming involved as a media partner in 2014 meant that I could spread the #Treevolution love, join them at their Platbos Friends Festival and have a week in Zambia learning about the problems with deforestation and the work they do there to create awareness and offer alternate energy solutions.

This relationship has changed my perspective and reinstalled faith in the good people of this world. You see, Greenpop is made of such people and they constantly inspire me to do and be more. I look forward to many more collaborations and shared Treevolution moments in the future.

To recap, links to my posts:


Me in Zambia next to an ancient and majestic baobab tree.

On Wednesday the 18th Feb there’s a Festival of Action Hype Event. Come and find out about the Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action 2015! Details of the event here.


Also have a look at the Greenpop website, follow them on Twitter, Instagram and like their Facebook page to ensure that you don’t miss out on any information.

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