Greenpop Reforestation at Platbos.

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I spent last weekend with GreenPop as their guest at the Platbos Forest Reserve with a few hundred wonderful, inspiring, like-minded people. Together we camped, ate, laughed, told ghost stories, learned about the environment, did yoga, sang and most importantly, planted thousands of indigenous trees that will grow to be tall and strong and hundreds of years old.

Actually during the two-weekend reforestation project that Greenpop hosted between 9-11 and 16-18 May, they planted 10 002 trees! Taking the number of trees planted by Greenpop to date to over 40 000 trees in southern Africa – over 18 000 of which were in the Platbos Forest Reserve, making this one of the largest reforestation projects in South Africa! That’s really something.


The spade is mightier than the saw. Photo by Michele Brooks.


Mother and daughter team up to plant trees in Platbos Forest. Photo by Michele Brooks.

Most of all we created a bubble of hope that we’ve all taken with us to infect those we meet. There is something very special about planting trees, and if you are interested in finding out just how special, contact Greenpop about their Trees for Zambia. I will be lucky enough to be there! This is what happiness looks like.


Me getting my hands dirty in my bubble of tree-planting happiness.


With Lemor and Ryan. Team Red!

Stay in touch with Greenpop by signing up for their newsletter or follow them on Facebook or Twitter! Join the #treevolution #treesfortravel and make sure you’re part of this special event next year.

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