Healing Earth Africa. As reconnecting with nature is exactly what is required right now.

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Healing the earth seems to be exactly what is required right now, with most of us tucked up at home, regrouping, seeking out inner strength and looking towards a greener, more sustainable and healthy future. One in which we are kinder to each other, kinder to ourselves, kinder to the environment.

Which is why the personally delivered pamper hamper from Healing Earth Africa was such a welcome gift. I’m now soaking up the aromas, spoils and nourishment that the box of goodness held. Also included were the Art by Leela gratitude and abundance cards that offer beautifully illustrated heartfelt messages to meditate on.

The hamper included Kalahari Melon Body Polish, Body Balm and Hydrate Oil, plus the absolute gift that is the African Potato face & body balm. Deliciously heady, it works miracles on little cuts and dry skin. Also, a Healing Earth Healing Light, which I’m doing yoga to each evening, and a body scrub that is doing wonders for circulation.

I’ve known about Healing Earth for some years since first being introduced to the products at one of the lodges I was visiting. Founder Elizabeth Brandt’s story had intrigued me even then and I was guided by her innovative understanding of the international demand for pure, natural, conscious and authentic spa and lifestyle products. A pioneer in setting standards, she was ahead of her time when promoting this holistic approach.

Since then any opportunity to indulge in Healing Earth nourishment has been cherished and I’ve regularly bought their scrubs and balms. These have not only been incredibly soothing but speak to my consciousness.

Healing Earth


Healing Earth

Healing Earth

Healing Earth

About Healing EARTH™ Products

A high-quality lifestyle and beauty brand with a focus on holistic health and natural and sustainably-sourced products, Healing EARTH™ produces and distributes a wide range of cosmetic and lifestyle products for personal use, as well as three distinct lifestyle amenities ranges which are used in spas and hotels around the world. The operations are based in Cape Town, South Africa and they have recently launched an online store with great success. Healing EARTH™ products are pure, containing no artificial colours, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics or other harmful ingredients. Only pure organic botanicals and indigenous plant extracts are used in our holistic collection of products. We support local organic farming and use only pure, organic essential and indigenous oils and natural active ingredients.

The Healing EARTH™ Ethos

They believe in the power of dreams leading from the heart, celebrating diversity, serving with integrity, transforming the world – one step at a time. They encourage authenticity, passion and purpose, upliftment through respect, inspiration through innovation, victory through learning – one step at a time while embracing the value of earth-, animal- and people-friendly wellbeing. Truly nurturing a conscious approach to beauty that is based upon love for oneself, one’s fellow human beings and our earth. The brand and ethos could not be more closely aligned to mine, or what I’m currently feeling.

Healing EARTH™ Journeys

Healing Earth recently extended their repertoire to include the beautiful Healing Journeys collection which are born of Founder Elisabeth Brandt’s own travels through Africa and harnesses the continent’s rich healing and sensory properties. Made from a careful selection of expertly formulated pure aromatherapy oils, the collection aims to transport discerning guests on a journey to relaxation and wellbeing.

“We want guests using the products to be able to smell, feel and enjoy the rich natural resources of Africa, creating an emotional connection with the destinations they visit and the memories they create,” shares Brandt. Natural bases the likes of argan, jojoba and grapeseed oil play host to nourishing and invigorating aromatherapy oils including basil, jasmine, clary sage and more.

No stone is left unturned in the premium in-room experience. Gently cleansing shampoo, naturally hydrating conditioner, uplifting hand and body wash and fragrant hand and body lotion cover all bases. Sunscreen and after-sun gel are must-haves for sun-seeking travellers. Luxurious foam bath, bath salts, room mist spray and pillow and linen mist spray create the perfect ambience, while an innovative instant glow formulation revives and uplifts weary guests. The unique aromatherapy formulations of the exotic range are unlike any others and the result of years of research into world-class lifestyle amenities.

The collection is also an extension of Healing Earth’s strong commitment to creating environmentally friendly products, and its launch is accompanied by the unveiling of the brand’s new biodegradable and recyclable earth-friendly accessories.

Made from 100% stone paper, bamboo and coconut, these include everything from bath loofahs and shower caps to toothbrushes, shaving kits and more – the perfect finishing touch to the luxury eco-conscious destination. Even the Healing Earth soap is now wrapped in beautiful 100% stone paper – another innovation setting them up as leaders in conscious hospitality.

Keeping Safe the Nurturing Way

New and readily available on their online store and also included in my gift pack was the Healing Earth 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Hygiene Spray (retailing for just R200). Both incredibly yummy smelling and designed to nurture your skin, rather than burn it and dry it out like so much of the others – all while keeping you safe.

Inspired by Nature. From Africa to the World, with love

The Essential Information

For more look to http://www.healingearth.co.za. To place your order visit their Online Store and stay in touch with updates on Facebook and Instagram. Healing Earth spa products and lifestyle amenities are available across the globe.

With thanks for the light, the healing love and this much-appreciated opportunity to collaborate. I’m feeling utterly spoilt and pampered and will certainly be keeping my gratitude and abundance cards with me.

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